Monday Musings: Festive Fun.

Hello lovely readers, it's Manic Monday and it's also only a couple days until Christmas! Yes, I have fully embraced the festive spirit. The month has been awfully busy with all of my obligations and duties combined into one. Only a few days ago, when I finally stopped for a moment that it's all coming back to exhaust me.

Every year, I got to see a Christmas film with my mother. It's a tradition in the Wilkins family. Last week, Frozen. Now my mother and I aren't huge cartoon fans but we do love a little dose of Disney. Oh I'm a sucker for a cheesy love story, even though I sometimes (most times) don't agree with the lack of sense. Especially with it being a musical; and upon hearing that Idina Menzel was part of the cast, I was sold. (As an avid fan of Rent and Wicked, I have adored her work for years.) The new cinema that had been in-the-works since July had only just opened and I was dying to see it. Since there were a few hours to spare before the film, my mother and I did a bit of Christmas shopping as we both still had a few people to buy for.
when I had some time off, we watched

After a rather hectic shopping session which resulted in being carried by the sea of people like rockstar from stage diving (yes, it was that busy!), we made our way to the shopping centre where the cinema was situated and popped into Nandos for lunch. I love Nandos. The food is divine. The service is excellent. The servers are quite dishy. It's my favourite restaurant to go to with others. It's always funny one way or another. In the beginning, I try to be polite and courteous when eating the food but in the end, I ditch the knife and fork and eat like a, ahem, savage. There's just no way to eat such tough chicken politely. You've got to get stuck in!

Rocking the turtleneck?
After some more shopping, it was finally time to go see the film. Stepping into the new cinema was magical. It was chic, gorgeous and sleek. The cinema screen itself was lovely, although the chairs still need some improving. They need to take some tips from Cinema De Lux! *chuckles* I really enjoyed Frozen. Although. It's not for children. This was one of those times when they got the rating wrong. Don't misunderstand me, you can take your children to see it because the majority of just goes right over their heads. That is one of my pet peeves of Disney, they downplay things (such as a certain scene involving impalement) to make it light. There were just moments when I thought to myself, I don't want my child to think that something like that's ok. Other then that, the movie was fantastic. Each singing voice was simply wonderful. The storyline was great. However, I feel they could have made it darker and focused on Idina's character. If you see it, you'll understand. Myself and my mother were cracking up throughout the whole movie at the little gags and jokes that only adults would understand. I did have an embarrassing moment though. I admittedly really got into the film and in the heat of anger (it's when the antagonist is revealed), I almost shout "bastard". Almost. I was half way through the word before clapping a hand over my mouth to stop myself. I was in a room full of children. As hilarious as it might have been for them to be asking their parents what "bastard" meant, I was not going to be the source of outraged and be lynched!

So that was a little insight into what I've been up to when I haven't been working, blogging, writing or being in a coma. To end the post, here is a song from Frozen. Demi Lovato has also covered this song. But I enjoy Indina's much more. Perhaps because it's more powerful. Absolutely beautiful. Enjoy!

Tammy xo


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