Monday Musings: The Friendship Thing.

Hello lovely readers, it is Manic Monday once more and yet again, I'm left shattered. Of course, it is time for another lovely edition of Monday Musings! Tonight, after a suggestion from the lovely Cameron Lincoln, I'd like to talk about friendship.

The little things in life are the most special. Sometimes it may not appear so but they are. The precious gift that is friendship is one of these things. It’s something that we’ve all taken for granted at one point of our lives.

Friendship is a learning curve. We don’t into the world with friends. It’s an asset that life offers later on. 

I think when we’re young, we think of friendship as something that is simply there. That the people around us will be with us for years to come. That’s the beauty of childhood, it’s an illusion. 

We believe that anarchy will not show its face and that things will never change. But it does. When we’re young, the world is a fascinating collection of doors. Each one held a new and bewitching discovery. Everyone lived amicably. Or so we thought. 

Alas, as the years go on and the times change, we begin to realize that life doesn't work like that. Inevitably in life, we will lose people. We'll lose those friends that we were positive we'd never part from. Friendship is a tenuous thing. It hangs by a mere thread the entire time. Even when we believe it's at its strongest. But when there's heartbreak, there will be contentment on its way. Friendships sadly come and go. However, there will be a select few. Very rare and subtle. That stay with us. We may not realize it, but it's those friends that are the keepers.

For me, I had to grow up quickly where it concerned who I had in my life. I knew the cruel sides of reality when I shouldn't have. I think one of the hardest hits was when I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. It was a true test for all my friendships. I won't lie, there were quite a few acquaintances that I didn't hear from since. In the state that I was in, it was a real blow to what little self-esteem I have. But after the pain of losing people, I began to take a look at the people that sit here with me today. I started to realize that I had found those friends. Some had known me since I was young whilst others were new to my life. I adore each and every one of them.

We lose people and then we gain some. Sadness and pain comes and then it's replaced with warmth of a new flame. It doesn't matter about quantity, it's the person themself that matters.

After composing this, I thought about my previous musing, 'Beauty is an Emotion.' These two topics are important personally and I hope that they're thought-provoking for you also. Thank you Cam, for your wonderful suggestion. I adore you.

Tammy xo


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