Fashion | Day One of the Autumn/Winter London Collections: Men.

Hello lovely readers, it’s that time again! The London Collections: Men are back and stronger than ever. For the next few days I shall be documenting my likes and loves throughout this amazing event.

The stylish week kicked off Sunday evening at the launch party in Dolce & Gabbana’s new Bond Street store, hosted by D&G and British GQ. The lavish evening consistered of celebrating and "La Bella Italia di Dolce & Gabbana" and a preview of their Men's FW 2014 Tailoring Pre-Fall Collection. In classic D&G form, the night showcased the artistic beauty Italy brings with ease. Familiar faces were all around, such as Miss Kylie Minogue, fabulous YouTube vlogger, Jim Chapman, and of course, Mr David Gandy. The evening as a whole was an elegant and classy display of divine suits and frocks. One of the highlights of the night was dashing violinist, Charlie Siem, who left women swooning with his magical performance and handsome look in a D&G three-piece suit.
David, Kylie and Charlie.
Source: Dolce & Gabbana
Hardy Amies.
Source: British Fashion Council
Roll onto Monday morning and the madness of LCM has officially begun and the crowds were at the Victoria House to view the remarkable Lou Dalton’s collection. Her showcase consisted of faded denim, flat caps, thick coats and corduroy. I quite liked the blend of tones with the dominant trousers and the mixed of texture pieces. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of this collection, I did enjoy the creativity and some of the pieces.

Last year I fell in love with John Smedley’s (or the Knitwear Masters as some call them) designs and this year, that remains the case! This year, it was all about mixing the abstract patterns with the basic ones and imprinting it onto either bold or soft colouring pieces with matching trousers. It’s fair to say I adored this portion.

Topman Design is always a strong show that it’s become one of the most talked about brands during LC:M, this year was no exception. The brilliant and central moment of the show was when the heavens opened and proceeded to soak the models in a fantastic display of how efficient the clothing is. It was rather spectacular!

One of my favourites of the day was Hardy Amies. Dubbed as the Pioneer of British Tailoring, I always expect the best of the best from Armies. Fortunately, I am yet to be disappointed. Checked suits, burnt-style trousers and bow ties, HA continue to be one of the greatest brands in men’s fashion to date. 
"It's raining Topman." Topman Design.
Source: Phil Green
Jonathan Saunders has a motto (well, a motto I’ve made!), Go Bold or Get Your Ass Out of Here. That clever man is a lover of colour and he knows just how to make it work. I would very much like to see the younger generation of men sporting these eye-catching outfits.

Gieves & Hawkes are another favourite of mine. They offer a contemporary Mad Men style with sleek elegance. G&H are the definitely of deluxe when it comes to their designs. The layout of the display was stripped back and as masculine as always. With fashion shows, I find that G&H don’t focus on special effects and stylish catwalks but give their priority thoughts to the clothes themselves. And excellent collection and I can only hope that I shall see some of their work around the town!

Gieves and Hawkes.
Source: Twitter: @Enaregina
I always end LC:M articles with a photo of David Gandy I may not always admit it but I do have my Gandy Watch moments, whether it’s staring a little too long (I hold my hands up to that one, I’m terrible) at a photo or reading his blog entries. Anyway, I’ve noticed that during the LC:M, everybody is on Gandy Watch (that’s quite an interesting term *chuckles*). 

David was glass-tastic today and instead of choosing just the one photo, I’ve selected a few of my favourites. 

I would like to thank the lovely Sim and Anne for helping me with choosing a few, those two girls are stars! (I know many of you lovely readers are fans of David so I would definitely refer you to Sim, Anne and Laura for back-to-back updates.)
From Left to Right: Lou Dalton Show (Source: Twitter: DavidGandyFR)
Dolce & Gabbana Party (Source: Dolce & Gabbana)
Lou Dalton Show (Source: Twitter: Catwalking_)
The night is not over for all those in the midst of the LC:M world. There are a range of evening activities instore! M&S Best Of British, Thomas Pink presentations and cocktail parties from the likes of Mulberry and the invite-only Tommy Hilfiger.

Until tomorrow, lovely readers.

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  1. those are some savvy looking suits! so were you present at this unveiling?

    1. If only! But, alas, I was not. I was, however, very lucky to have a few people there to be my eye for the day.

      Perhaps I'll be at the next LC:M! xo


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