Fashion | Day Three of the Autumn/Winter London Collections: Men.

Hello lovely readers, it's sadly the final day in the London Collections: Men. I've had a lot of fun the last couple of days watching in a mix of  fascination and awe at some of the best tailoring that I've ever seen and its been a pleasure to share my thoughts on the collections that I truly enjoyed. I have always had an interest fashion in general, but men's fashion remains to be my favourite category in the industry. In fact, I'd love to get involved with fashion more. A goal for this year perhaps?
E. Taunts
Source: LC:M Official Website

The final day of the LC:M began with St. James' artistic display of fine pinstriped shirts and gorgeous waistcoats. I loved how some of the clothing were placed onto screens within photo frames, a lovely touch. My favourite piece was a double-breasted silk waistcoat with a cobalt blue front and a golden backing.

Bespoke print masters, Agi & Sam bedazzled the tired-eyed audience (what would you expect after two days of non-stop madness?!) with stylish checks and slick stripes upon the most basic of colours that were brightened to the absolute max. The matching ensembles gave an extra 'fabulous' factor.

E. Tautz breezed into the morning with one hell of a line-up. Keeping to the theme of monochrome,  Patrick Grant's designs were fantastic, strong and practical for the everyday man. I especial loved the smooth effect of the outfits, it gave me a sense of being in a Jazz club despite the military tradition. The sharp cutting and well balanced fitting made this show a businessman' s dream closet.

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You can always count on Sibling for a unique line and this year is was fur, more fur and crochet! It was a great show with lots of different styled clothing and use of different media. But what left everybody talking though was the mink fur hearts that were being sported by bags the models carried.

Simon Spurr's debut collection for Kent & Curwen definitely left the viewers with a positive taste in their mouth as he presented an array of contemporary colouring and military styling. The mix of material heightened the skill laced within each piece. I particularly liked the leather sleeves on one jacket. There was also a matching blue  military coat, umbrella and glives with only slight shade change. An excellent collection

Unfortunately, Oliver Spencer's show was delayed a bit due to a burst pipe over the front row. To quote British GQ, "First Topman, the rain and now this. Three' s attend..." *chuckles* When the show finally started, everyone was impressed with the masculine detailing. I adored the simply gorgeous bomber jackets and even found myself liking a piece that stood out (literally), a bold yellow raincoat.
Burberry Prorsum.
Source: British Vogue

Burberry's show is one of the most anticipated this year and it did not disappoint. The exquisite patterns were out with a vengeance in variety of colours. That wasn't the only statement made, string vests were sited upon some rather, ahem, ab-tastic bodies. The Hand-painted carpet bags were one accessory that all the men were secretly wanting. I was in love with a black fitted jumper with a collar and the printed silkbfoulards; the latter had a superhero vibe with it being worn almost like a cape. Just wonderful!

Best location of the day goes to Chester Barrie for holding their presentation at The Ivy. An extraordinary scene for an extraordinary collection. Craps, blackjack, glasses of Old Fashioned and outstanding tailoring surrounding you and that, my friends, is what I call a party! Chester Barrie knows how to design superb, deluxe and dapper clothing for the modern man. I think I'm in love!

To end such a fabulous LC:M, A. Sauvage debuted a wonderful collection. The bold print blazers were my favourite and I loved the suede jackets. It was a brilliant way to end this fantastic few days and I cannot wait to see more of Sauvage!
Chester Barrie.
Source: British Vogue
I'm saddened that this will be the last post (for now) that I shall be posting photos of David Gandy. I would like to thank Sim and Anne for dealing with my stalking their profiles and pestering for photos, you two ladies have been stars, thank you!
From Left to Right: (Source: Getty), Chester Barrie (Source: British GQ)
Prince of Scotland (Source: Twitter - @anne_DK67)
It's been simply amazing to write about the fashion of the LC:M again, I cannot wait for next time!

Now. I hear there are Margheritas at GQ and James Long's party at Browns. Laters!

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