I've Got Mail!

Hello lovely readers, I know it’s the last week of January but I have a little something from the Christmas period of last year to share with you.

My little corner of the internet has been around for almost two years and during these twenty months and twenty eight days, I have formed some wonderful friendships with a few of you lovely lot. I’ve had the pleasure to meet some fabulous men and women that have become quite important in my life.

G's Present.
Last October, lovely reader and fellow poet, G, (situated all the way in the Philippines) sent me an email asking if she could have my address. I was curious and cautious when she went on to say that she had a little something she wanted to send my way. Because of it being such a busy time for work and writing, I forgot about it.  So when I arrived home one day in November to find dainty envelope waiting for me, I was completely surprised to find a wonderful Bookish Temptations bookmark and a sweet message nestled inside.

Later in November, I received another mysterious package. This time it was from one of my first ever readers and the first person to interview me, Rachael Wade. Our friendship blossomed over my love for her Preservation series and it’s grown stronger ever since. A few months prior, she asked me if she could have my address in order to send a few little somethings. I was beyond astonished when I opened the package to find lots of treasures, including a signed copy of Declaration! It was rather fantastic to receive special tea (featured in the Preservation series) as well as my first Christmas card!
Rachael's Gifts.

In early December, I decided I wanted to do something for a few of my lovely readers that I knew very well and that was to send them all a Christmas card and a tiny gift. My little present was a bookmark I’d made for the blog. For a long while, I’ve wanted to create a shop for the blog and my first step was a bookmark. (I am currently in the process of designing more merchandise and it will soon be available on here!)These lovely readers were the first to see the design! I don’t know why but my heart warmed when I received photos from my reader with them holding the card and gift. It was slightly surreal.

Whilst my lovely readers were receiving their mail, I was getting a bit of mail of my own. I was blessed to have cards from all over the world, from the US to Australia to Indonesia. It was spectacular! The messages within were simply so incredible and touching.

So I would like to thank you all for your lovely gifts, they truly lit my lips and will soon be placed in a special box with the label, ‘Lovely Reader Mail’.


  1. Tammy, it's been so great to getting to know you the past year, and I can completely relate to the joy that comes from giving and receiving mail from all over the world. It's exciting and touching, and it really lifts my spirits and keeps me encouraged when times are hard.

    Love you, darling! xoxo

    1. It has also been such a pleasure to getting to know you, Rachael.
      I completely agree! It's simply wonderful. People may not realize but it really is a form of motivation too.

      Love you too, sweetheart! xo


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