My Intimate Poetry: The Lovers.

Hello lovely readers, it seems that I have been rather quiet with My Intimate Poetry this month. It has been quite the hectic one given it's the first month of the New Year. My Intimate Poetry shall be coming back with a vengeance next month! For now, enjoy this little spicy poem!

The torture that lies within this path knows no bounds. ― Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

Fingers dance upon my skin
Callous yet gentle with desire laced within
Agonizing longing pleading with us to sin
An entreaty of hunger, thirst and lust akin

Lips linger and burn to erase all doubt
Prior bravado is absent as well as any inkling of flout
Building heat prickles inside and out
This feeling he ignites, is one I could never live without

We lay encased in a veil, obscured from sight
Enjoying one another’s fervent and intense delight
I’m bound to him as he is to me in body, soul, taste and sight
A dark path we lead each other on yet it feels so right 

Is he a figment of my imagination? He seems too good to be true
Like the moment our hearts become one and he utters “I love you.”
Or when a smile curves your lips and you declare it once more all anew
I pray for the day...when I can say it too

2014 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins


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