Coquettish Attire.

Hello lovely readers, it is day two of A Week of Desire and tonight I’m going to discuss a shopaholic passion of mine: Lingerie.

When Valentine’s rears its head, what comes to mind for most of us is lingerie. Personally, this holiday is just an excuse for me to be a shopaholic and raid all the underwear stores. I adore lingerie. Who doesn’t? The problem these days is that sadly, it’s getting more expensive by the day. I can’t justify paying over £100 on a one ensemble such as a garter belt. So tonight, I’m writing a guide on how to achieve three individual looks at an affordable price.

Lingerie adds a visual flair to natural beauty, like a sensual, layered gift to unwrap. – Cameron Lincoln.

I have a rule with lingerie material and it’s the following: Satin, silk, sheer and lace are the perfect material for a figure case.

The Temptress

Temptation is an ambiguous emotion to construe through clothing, particularly in lingerie. All undergarments are alluring, it’s true, but in actual fact, it’s rare that they perfect that strong desire invoked by temptation.

When we think of sex or love or lust or desire, we immediately think of the colours red and black. So much so that we forget the many other colours on the spectrum. It’s impossible to determine exactly what colour is the most apt to define temptation but I believe that the darker the colour, the higher the temptation. I decided to test out my theory by asking a few men and women to discover that it was an accurate hypothesis. The most popular colours to signify temptation from my survey was the darker tones of blue and purple.

If this is the reaction you wish to ignite, this is your search criteria:

  • Balconette Bra Style
A balconette bra is the perfect balance between romance and lust. It give a subtle and graceful boost but isn’t as dramatic as a plunge bra.
  • Briefs Knickers Style
We’re trying to tempt, not to seduce, remember. A pair of low hung briefs is the best choice.
  • Satin or Satin/Lace Material

The Angel

Valentine’s Day is always special for those couples new into a relationship. There’s something rather magical about it. It’s pure, innocent and virtuous. For this reason alone, I would suggest that The Angel look as the superlative choice.  I think occasionally bold and sultry sets should be withheld for other occasions.

Babydolls ooze the sensuality you’re looking for when adding a romantic touch. A bottom-baring sheet of sheer material with a flirtatious hem of lace and perhaps a soft pattern can supply you with a coy French Maid ensemble. A soft shade is essential to achieve a subtle attraction as an underline to the intial piece. You can range from the literal representation of purity (white or ivory) or you can experiment with pastel tones such as pink, mint or blue.

The Seductress

The art of seduction is as challenging as it is exciting to interpret. We all have different ideas on what can seduce our partner to the point that cannot form coherent words but do you know what I think? This is the time to go the whole nine yards and use your every feature to your advantage. We’re talking the complete set:
  • Bra
  • Knickers
  • Suspender Belt
  • Stockings
  • Heels

This means it’s time to bring out the vibrant and cliché colours of the spectrum: Red and black. They belong in this category of lingerie. They are the colours of seduction.

A striking combination of daring colouring upon sumptuous satin and luxurious lace is the ideal styling. Everything needs to successfully heighten the awareness of your figure. Whether the lace be a trim or an overlay or even both combined, it will be able to give that va va voom.

The plunge brassiere design joint with a modest thong has the ability to present this excellently. To complete the look, a pair of sheer Cuban heel seamed stockings teamed up with a fitting suspender belt and a pair of velvet heels will give this look a satisfying finish. 

Well, that was my attempt at guiding you all on lingerie. All of these styles can be found and purchased at a fabulous price at the wonderful stores, Boux Avenue and Ann Summers

For now, that is all. Have a fantastic evening!


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