Monday Musings: Sing Me the Words You Cannot Speak.

Hello lovely readers, it’s Manic Monday which means it’s time for a brand new Monday Musings post! Tonight I want to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart. Music.

My adoration of the musical arts has been a lifelong infatuation. I grew up in a household filled with the music of the greats. Aretha Franklin, Bing Crosby, Elvis, you name it. Myself and my mother especially loved musicals. Just imagine a stereo in the kitchen on a Sunday morning blaring the soundtrack of Little Shop of Horrors or Les Misérables. Having eclectic taste has its advantages. As surprising as it may be, I did spend years singing. It was my pride and joy. I spent the majority of my earlier life either attending or performing in musicals.

It's fair to say that music has greatly influenced me in all kinds of ways throughout the years. It worked as a stress relief, a motivator to go out into the pouring rain and run, it was inspiration for my own songs (I did and still do write songs) and even fuel for work.

But there is one way that outranks all of the above...using music as a voice.

We've all done this at some point. When the spoken word doesn't express nor articulate what we feel. There's just something about a verse, a mere lyric or musical voice that says the things we don't know how to. There are many moments when I feel like sending a person the name of a song and the artist so that they can understand what I'm trying to tell them. Recently, it seems to be the best way to communicate. When you're too scared to say such words so you find the song that deliver them for you.

Last year I decided that I wanted to see just how much this worked and named each and every poem published in 2013 after a song. All of the songs had a meaning to me. Whether it be a past memory or a current feeling or it read me like an open book. I didn't reveal this fact until I published all of last year's entries into My Intimate Poetry: Beneath the Vin Rouge. I was utterly delighted that this plan worked just how I'd predicted. Ever since the publication, I have been receiving emails from lovely readers explaining how they listened to the songs and could really connect the song to the poem. Some even listened to the song whilst they were reading my poetry!

My advice to you lovely lot? If there's someone out there. Someone you really wish to say something you're too scared to or simply can't say yourself, find a song, there will be one out there just for you, and send it to them. It could be the beginning of something beautiful. Trust happens.


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