Monday Musings: Spending It Alone.

Hello lovely readers, it's Manic Monday and it's the beginning of A Week of Desire! Earlier last night, I left you lovely lot a teasing message on my social sites (see here) and now I can reveal what it's all about. Being Valentine's this Friday, I decided to dedicate this entire week to discuss everything to do love. I'll be delving into all sorts of topics, some naughtier than others, and hopefully, will gear you up for the most romantic day of the year. Enjoy!

For many of us, Valentine’s is just another day at the office. There isn’t a special someone waiting at home for a blissful night of celebrating love. No, it’s merely a day to remind people of their lacking of a companion. Whilst some take to sniffling into their handkerchiefs, others take to bars and drown their sorrows in countless cocktails. All ‘singletons’ express sadness to some extent but the fact it’s “the most romantic day of the year” shouldn’t ruin their day. So tonight I’m going to talk about some coping mechanisms on how to get through and have a fantastic Valentine’s alone.

A Positive Perspective is Key

When you’re in the mind-set of seeing negative everywhere, you tend to forget that others are experiencing the exact same thing. So you need to stop weeping and wallowing in self-pity and realize that you’re not alone. The preponderance of love is another difficulty to endure on Valentine’s, it suggests you’re being tardy and must hurry to find love. Chase that thought away. Think of the benefits of being single and love it! List all the good points of being available. Focus on the benefits instead of the disadvantages. Don’t let the fantasy of romance deteriorate your liking for independence in favour of co-dependence.

There will bound to be a few individuals that will mock your relationship status but you can’t allow that to sour your mood. Half of the public are, in fact, single so bear that in mind if this situation arises.

Treat and Pamper

Overlook the expenses and treat yourself to a day of luxury. Don’t dismay at the long queue of loved up couples with stacks of candy and cuddly bears in their hands, why don’t you buy yourself some delicious confections and delightful toys too?

Indulge in a bit of retail therapy and buy that dress or coat you’ve been dying to get your hands on. Book the day off from work and spend it at the spa. What’s better than having the tension worked out of your muscles whilst having a glass of Cristal in hand? It is the ultimate way to spend Valentine’s.

If you’re stuck at work all day with people sending schmaltzy love notes and cards, make sure you make the most of your evening. Want to stay at home? Make your favourite meal, purchase your much-loved beverage of choice and spend the evening in bed with book or film. There is always the alternative option of having a date with your B.O.B. if needs be, it’s a guaranteed mood lifter.

Fancy venturing out? There are plenty of bars that hold single parties. Put on your sexiest (but equally classy) outfit and go have yourself a wonderful time. Just remember to have a drink maximum and stick with the drinks that you can trust.

Don’t worry about the repercussions. Don’t think about things like weight after eating a box of chocolate or potential hangovers. Just relax and enjoy your liberation.

Have a Little Humour

Laughter is often the best medicine and so, why not add a little hilarity to your Valentine’s? Snigger inwardly at the festivities of others’ declarations of love and see the amusement in everything. If your workplace is littered with all things romantic and you’ve been listening to John Paul Young’s voice for two hours now, use the chipper moods of your colleagues to your advantage and have a little fun. Let your inner child out for the day and cause mayhem in the office. There aren’t any boundaries on this particular day other than the tastes of colleague’s humour. Make the day as fun as possible, no matter how low your maturity goes lowers.

I'll leave you with the way I began this...Stop crying and have fun!


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