My Intimate Poetry: Songs of Childhood.

Hello lovely readers, it is a very special someone's birthday today. Someone that I adore to no end and am constantly mentioning on here. Yes, that's right. It is my lovely mother's birthday! This morning's poem is dedicated here because she really is the best mother I could ever have.

Love you always, Mum. Always have and always will. ― Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

Younger by the day
Sweeter by the hour
Stronger by the minute
Wittier by the second

You’re youthful and vigorous
A breath of fresh air
With a dazzling smile and an untroubled mind
And a soul full of love and compassion

Never have I met a more caring woman
You remain to be selfless in every way possible
You are as saccharine as a damask rose
Your petals of benevolence shan’t ever wither away

Through the highs and lows you still prevail
My rock to lean on and the glue that holds me together
You’re the one who listens and also expresses veracity
You’re the voice of reason to my insanity

You’re an endless dictionary
Of intellectual or amusing tales
I admire your aptitude for clever knowledge
You really are the smartest woman I know

For this, I thank you
Every little detail never goes unnoticed
You behold no faults, only perfection, it’s true
Because Mum? I will always, unconditionally, love you

2014 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Happy Birthday, Mum! Have a truly fabulous day full of love, happiness and lots of Michael Ball presents! Love you always.


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