Monday Musings: Altercations from One User to Another.

Hello lovely readers, it is Manic Monday which means I’m here to give you lovely lot a long overdue instalment of Monday Musings.

Due to the chaos of my schedule combined with harbouring a setback from my Myalgic Encephalomyelitis with added personal commotion, it all skyrocketed my stress levels and ultimately, I had to take a step back for a while. However, I’m officially back with you lovely lot.

As a blogger and author, I generally frequent a particular social media ‘circle’ more often than others. Like life in general, I’ve come across some people I really take to whilst others strike a more foul cord. Because of this, I often find myself in social media conundrums.

There are a lot of fickle profiles out there in the world of social media and you’re bound to cross them. One sentiment that they don’t like and you’re virtually dead to them. But how do you cope with that when they frequent the same ‘circle’?

It is irrevocable to have disagreements when you’re a blogger, in fact it’s an irrevocable situation in life. But what strikes me about most situations is what begins the quandary. It is usually something innocent. I've known people to go to drastic measures in reaction to something random and it often ends with the person who did this "unthinkable" thing being hurt somehow.

What gets accomplished by these ‘hissy fits’? A boost of ego? Is it truly worth it to hurt someone else for no plausible reason?

The majority of us would instinctively go to someone to be consoled and talk to about these ordeals. The sad problem is is that sometimes, that friend is also friends with the said aggressor and their view on them isn't wavered. It’s difficult to socialize with people when they’re also acquaintances with ones we’ve had disagreements with but when they have the knowledge of such disputes and continue to adore the person regardless, it’s a tad infuriating.

We are a community. We shouldn’t pull people down. If anything, we should encourage one another.  There is no need for such maliciousness. We are a family and we need to stick by eachother, not tear eachother down. I think we all need to remember that.


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