Monday Musings: The Gal's Answer to "Movember!"

Hello lovely readers, Manic Monday is almost over and it's time for another Monday Musings. This evening I'd like to talk to you lovely lot about Brow Arch March.

What is Brow Arch March, you say? Well, Benefit Cosmetics and Debenhams have teamed up and collaborated for the first time in support of cancer charity, Look Good Feel Better. (This will become an annual event every March.)

The charity (committed to helping women and teenagers cope with the effects of cancer and its treatment has on their appearance) is dedicated to helping patients by reinstating a sense of 'normality' through skincare and cosmetic workshop to ameliorate their confidence and reinstitute a good self-esteem.

Suffering from the physically visible effects of cancer is extremely daunting and I cannot imagine the damage it does to an already fragile soul. This is why I adore this charity. For giving people that boost, however small it may be, of credence that they truly are beautiful is something truly magical.

My Freshly Arched Brows
for Brow Arch March
I, personally, think this is an absolutely splendid idea and the fact that such a wonderful brand such as Benefit is getting involved is even greater. As the aptly named slogan says, it's our answer to Movember! As a regular costumer of my local Brow Bar, I have got involved and I shall be again at the end of this month! (Quite the loyal frequenter. *chuckles*) It's easy to get involved yourself too! You can go to your Benefit Brow Bar and have your fury devils perfectly shaped by highly trained professionals. Debenhams suggest a donation of £5 for these treatments but you can be as generous as you'd like, all the money raised goes to Look Good Feel Better!

I am positive that the female population of the nation will have the most sleek, sultry and stylish eyebrows ever seen.

If you've never experienced Benefit, or even waxing at all, I wrote a step-by-step guide on my own experience.

So go get yourself to your nearest Benefit Brow Bar and help this great cause and let the world know it!


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