Monday Musings: Careless Sons – Searching for the Illusive ‘Out.'

Hello lovely readers, it is Manic Monday and you know what that means…it’s time for a new instalment of Monday Musings! Today’s article is a rather special one as it involves one of my passions in life: music.

I’m always searching for new sounds from unique bands. Even with eclectic taste, finding them remains a difficulty. Luckily however, I stumbled upon one of these rare gems recently thanks to good ‘ol social media and thanks to the musicians themselves, I’m am going to review their debut single for today’s Monday Musings.

Meet Careless Sons.
Loud, foot-stomping guitar songs with sweeping pop melodies played with reckless abandon.

From Left to Right: Dickon, Ric, Rob and Ben.

In early 2013, Dickon Collinson, Ric Cryne, Rob D'Ath and Ben Donnelly formed an indie band in London after having met in college and university. With a natural rhythmic gel, these four young men have created a distinctively charismatic sound that everybody needs to hear.

As a lover of indie bands in general, I was all too happy to give their music a listen.

The Review: A Fabulous Debut.
The Single: Rosary
The Songs: (A-Side) Rosary
(B-Side) G.B.H.

The collaboration of pop ‘n’ roll may not be new news but Careless Sons gives this genre a fresh twist with a refreshing vocal and instrumental range whilst sustaining that classic raw, mystical and carnal allure as an underlie.

Rosary is a vibrant burst of life capable of inducing a crowd to get up and bust a move. It has just the right amount of balance of instrumental volume, youthful vocals and memorably captivating lyrics to produce the perfect song about angst and frustration, in all senses of the word. I could have this on repeat dawn, noon and night and not tire of it.

Much like its accomplice, G.B.H. is just as pulsating and effervescent. The long intervening periods of the deliciously traditional combination of layered guitar with a backing of drum is positively orgasmic to a lover of the music. Nevertheless, the happy pitched lyrics with a twinge of sadness stood out equally and are ever so catchy. The small introductions of harmony certainly added to the suavely smooth effect also.

Careless Sons have made a strikingly brilliant debut, displaying impeccably how the jagged and the softness of emotion and composition can clash in the right way.

Visit their website: Careless Sons
Follow them on Twitter: @CarelessSons
Like them on Facebook: Careless Sons
Purchase Rosary on iTunes and Spotify.


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