Fashion | Day One of the Spring/Summer London Collections: Men.

Hello lovely readers, it's that time again! Yes, the LC:M is back and so is the bundle of madness that is its luggage. I have been eagerly anticipating this since the end of the Autumn/Winter collections all the way back in January; and just like that time, I shall be once again documenting my likes, lusts and loves throughout the days of the LC:M Spring/Summer 2015 presentation.

A Quick Disclaimer:
It's no secret that my taste in men's fashion is quite an old-fashioned approach. Simplicity of intricacy is what I like. Whether it be a sharp suit or a tender tee, I enjoy the visual of time travel. However, this does not affect my opinions on the variety that the LC:M offers. I'm partial to the unorthodox, after all! 

The festivities kicked off Saturday night with a pre-celebratory gathering at the penthouse terrace of the luscious Claridges Hotel hosted by Rake Magazine, followed by a Superdry sneak peak. Between you and I, lovely readers, I wish I'd attended the Rake mag party, what with there being a divine selection of sunglasses at the ready!
A picturesque photo courtesy of @ClaridgesHotel.
Yesterday we witnessed twenty-one superb collections with a vast range of diverse design by individually unique designers. The schedule had me rather excited when I saw not one but three brands that are my personal favourite. It was a day filled with well-known, unforgettable, and new collections and singling out only a few to feature has been considerably difficult.

The circus of salivating got off to a bit of a bumpy start with an accidental tardiness coming from the first pit-stop of the day, YMC. Fortunately, after the minor hiccup, the ball began to roll as fluidly as possible. Idiosyncratic blueprint graced the catwalks of each brand with some leaving a long-lasting impact.

Nicholas Kirkwood
I have, without a doubt, an obsession for shoes. A tad stereotypical but I am a self-confessed shopaholic. The eloquently artistic Nicholas Kirkwood and distinguished designer John Lobb left me equivalent to a panting dog with their alluring shoe collections. Whilst Mr. Lobb maintained his iconic classical approach to foot attire, Kirkwood take a very different attitude and presented an array of vibrant metallic coating and buoyant patterning.

Lou Dalton is known for her intricate attention to detail and this time around, she took her simplicity of signature a pinch of rebellious elegance. The pastel tones truly heightened the little attractiveness of the outfit. I particularly enjoyed the baker-miller pink numbers as well as the brush splashes of red upon a white canvas. Daulton has a way with blending two basic shades and transform it into a striking visual.

Sharp shorts, suave suits and busty bags stitched together Dunhill's presentation. Alfred Dunhill gave the mix&match genre a brand new twist with his clash of the shorts and blazer jackets. The pattern against pattern ensembles were especially eye-catching. Although, my one dislike was perhaps the high socks. Not too sure if that would be a good addition for men. Make sure you pop over to their website and browse their fabulous collection.
Hardy Amies.

After a stupendous entrance for Simon Spurr's renovation and revitalization in the last LCM, Kent and Curwen are back with an equally alluring collection for this season. From pinstripe suits, double-sided leather jackets and a powerfully effective print dubbed the "splinter print," Spurr has achieved once more to produce a line of electric polished clothing that every man could pull off. The splinter print is most definitely a graphic addition that needs to find itself in the wardrobe of every man.

After the magnificent downpour earlier this year, can Topman possibly top that with 3D Avatars? Why yes, yes they can. This season, Topman brought the seventies back with double denim flared trews, floral prints, an over-sized parka and chunky knits. Double denim, need I say more?

Next up, one of my personal favourites, Hardy Amies rocked up on the scene with a calm and collected and comfortable collection. There was clashing of pastel colours, fashionable slippers and as always, debonair suits. Lemon, pistachio and a hint of cucumber highlighted the collection with an edible tone. My favourite of the collection has to be monochrome spectrum number with bold and effervescent prints.

Jonathan Saunders.
Pinstripe is one of the greatest prints to manipulate in fashion and I just loved Matthew Miller's patchwork take on the pattern. The edgy effect created a strong dynamic, ever more heightening the distinctive individuality of the collection.

Jonathan Saunders once again manufactured a relaxed collection that we all crave to have nestled in our wardrobes. It looks like next season will be all about the stripe couples. Again, the pastel tones were out in force.The highlight for me was the microscopic paint splatter suits. They are simply gorgeous.

The attack of the metallic and acid brights left attendees of the Richard Nicoll show in odd awe at the unorthodox designs. There was silver inserts, gingham pockets and over-sized tees. We are looking at a retro summer next season and I cannnot wait.

My final pick of the day is none other than another favourite of mine, Gieves & Hawkes. Flawlessly pristine suits consumed the Savile Row team. It was all about subtly in shading and elegance of tailoring. I can't singled out just one outfit from this collection. They were all just as stunning as eachother. A collection wearable for any time of the day, it was a perfect blend of James Bond, Chuck Bass and Christian Grey. 

Gieves & Hawkes.
Today was filled with sleek, salacious and subtle clothing and I'm all to excited for Day Two! That's it for now, I shall see you once again tonight! I shall love you and leave you with, of course, as per usual, my top three snaps of the day of David Gandy.

Left to Right: David James Gandy, @thegentsjournel, @benjaminglean.


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