Fashion | Day Three of the Spring/Summer London Collections: Men.

Hello lovely readers, it is sadly the final day of the SS15 LC:M. These last three days have quite literally flown by but it's been one of the best London Collections so far. It's on my bucket list (yes, I do have one) to attend one of the LC:M. Anyhow, it's time for my final likes, lusts and loves of the last day of the London Collections: Men.

A Quick Disclaimer:
It's no secret that my taste in men's fashion is quite an old-fashioned approach. Simplicity of intricacy is what I like. Whether it be a sharp suit or a tender tee, I enjoy the visual of time travel. However, this does not affect my opinions on the variety that the LC:M offers. I'm partial to the unorthodox, after all! 
Jermyn Street.

The final day began with Jermyn Street's fabulous showcase, catering to every genre of clothing and
footwear. There was even a cameo of male grooming and fragrance with and classic shaving kit and introductory-sized perfume and balm. I adored the woolen braces and the large array of ties and bowties. I could easily spend hours purchasing little bits and bobs for friends from this amazing throng of products.

Having fallen in love with them in the prior LC:M, I looked forward to what Sibling would bring to the catwalk for next season. Their electric, punk attitude towards fashion hasn't lessened since, producing a wild jungle parade of unrefined goodness. The knitwear tassel style looked simple divine in the fiery crimson shades that masked the majority of the pieces. Expect skulls, bones, tassels and almighty mowhaks next season with this assemblage.

For a moment, I was consumed and, indeed, mesmerized by the structure of JOSEPH's show. The mannequin aspect of the entire display really set the tone for the show. As the models stood motionless on podiums, basic colouring with the odd burst of texture coated their bodies. For a second time in this LC:M, a brand has taken to mixing different patterns and like Hackett London, they pulled it off with grace. Although initially drawn to the textures, I found myself leaning towards the orange numbers that laid within the collection; especially those knee-length peach shorts.

Now it's time for the main event that everybody has been anticipating, the Burberry spectacular spectacle. What a show it was, easily one of the most memorable of shows this LC:M. The runway for a start was exquisite and was hand-painted, the effort put into the the actual location was excellent. The show itself was all about typographic prints and matching dusty shades and saturated hues from the colour spectrum. The Burberry Prorsum Menswear collection saw the introduction of a brand new product to their line, The Satchel, and what a stylish addition it is. I adored the signature hats, colour-coded with its ensemble, and the typographic printed scarves and satchels. It was a vibrant, expressive and flamboyant presentation and although this may be menswear, I think I'm going to have to have to grab myself one of those satchels!

Burberry Prorsum.
Source: @BritishGQ, @Burberry and GQ 
It looked like Tom Ford and Katie Eary swapped notes on their LC:M designs with Tom Ford ditching his usual suave suiting and joining Katie in tipping their hats to the style of the Wild Wild West and the mellow glamour of flower power. There tranquil messages with peaceful prints has me thinking that next season is going to be a colourful one if this trend takes hold.

Tiger of Sweden.
Source: @Centmagazine
Hunter and phthalo greens and oxford blues consumed the Baartmans and Siegel house style with a simplistic line of day-to-day wear for the everyday kind of guy. In fact, the white tees and slightly puffed jackets remind of the broodier men of the population.

Tiger of Sweden burst onto the scene with gallant pinstripe office wear, off-the-clock polished silky jackets and some rather suave grey suits. I was drooling over the burgundy apparel. The sultry trench coat is one I sincerely hope to see all around town. I believe this is Swedish tailoring at its finest.

My final pick of the day, and for the Spring/Summer 2015 London Collections, is the delicious work of Chester Barrie. They were marked as one of my favourites from the previous London Collections and I wasn't left disappointed with this collection either. As someone has already said, if only men did dress like the models for CB every day, it would be a dream come true! The presentation, entitled, Rivier are Visited, the orientation was that of  summer holiday and champagne fun. Reminiscent of the dapper side of the 70's, Chester Barrie gave us comfy knits, gorgeous gingham, perfect and quirky pocket squares and swinging scarves. All I can say is, I wish I'd be invited to the party to play jenga with a glass of champs in hand! Brilliant, boys, a virtuoso show.

Chester Barrie.
Source: @idolmagazine
We are nearly at the end of this LC:M which means it's time for my top three picks of David Gandy photos. With every LC:M, Gandy demonstrates true style and he never fails to be a topic of conversation in doing so. I must warn you, there will be car porn featured, enjoy!

David Gandy. Center: With Jourdan Dunn.
Source: @thegentsjournal, Mail Online and @giulioaprinph 
That is all for now, it has been as ever, a pleasure to document my likes, lusts and loves over the last few day of menswear and what else can I say but; bring on the next LC:M! Time to head for the Ham Yard Hotel for GQ's LC:M closing night dinner, I think!


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