Monday Musings: A Guest Post from My Mother.

Hello lovely readers, it is Manic Monday which means it's time for a new instalment of my Monday Musings! Unlike my usual peculiar or quirky circuitous ramblings about what's going on in the world, today I am welcoming my first ever established guest post. It is from none other my glorious mother that I am always nattering about.

Earlier last month, I announced that my mother had been chosen as the Volunteer of the Year for Cancer Research's Flame of Hope Awards. There are fifteen-thousand, hard-working and wonderful volunteers for Cancer Research which proved a difficulty to select simply one for such an honourable award. Perhaps I am merely biased, she is my mother after all, but I cannot conjure any other person more deserving of being titled the "Volunteer of the Year."

So, without further ado, please welcome my lovely mother and enjoy today's article.

The Unexpected Award

Hi everyone, it’s wonderful to virtually meet you all at last. This is a first for me. I find it challenging enough to write a Facebook status so bear with me on this, it’s all new to me!

So where to start?

I began volunteering for cancer charities as The Big C has affected a lot of my family over the years. A few sadly succumbed to it whilst others were more fortunate and overcame it, my son being one of the latter. The personal acquaintance I had made with cancer was my motivation to help in any way I possibly could with the quest to find a cure for this wretched illness. I have been working for cancer charities for fifteen years now.

Having worked for Cancer Research for five years, I was familiar with the Flame of Hope Awards. I didn’t actually know I had even been nominated for an award, let alone one of the biggest. It wasn’t until one Friday morning a couple months ago when I was having tea with Tammy in a café that I received a call from my boss informing me (quite excitedly) that I’d “won it!” 

I was very honoured to say the absolute least but just as equally surprised. I don’t do what I do to get recognition. However, it is a pleasure to receive such a splendid award nonetheless.

On the days following up to the big day, I was really nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. My boss had been revealing little teasers of what I’d have to do with each day that passed. It’s fair to say I was very much relieved that I didn’t have to make a speech upon accepting my award; I’d be too lost for words to form a coherent sentence! 

Preparation required some quality shopping time with Tammy to find the perfect pair of occasion shoes that I’d be able to walk in for an entire day and a handbag to match. After a fairly frustrating search, I finally found my two accessories. I think once I could stop fretting about having an incomplete outfit, some of the nerves eased off my shoulders. But I was still petrified.

When the day finally came to go to London’s Hotel Russell, I was wracked with nerves. Just before boarding the train, I was struck with fear and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to go through with it. But I knew I had to. I had my boss in tow and I think she would have dragged me there if I said I couldn’t do it!

The hotel was stunning. (I’d love to stay there. Maybe next time I’m in London!) I was shown into a reception area where champagne was being served. But being T Total, I was served an orange juice. In the room, there was a projection slideshow of various photos from all of the shops, including a comical one of me in a purple wig. You’ve all witnessed this in one of Tammy’s posts about Stand Up to Cancer.

It was embarrassing, surreal and unusual to have a bundle of people approaching me upon realizing that I was the "Volunteer of the Year" and requesting to have a photo with me. I don’t think I’ve blushed as much as I did on that day in my entire life; my face was so red, you’d have thought I’d had a bottle of champagne!

We were then shown to the main hall where the ceremony was being held to have a nice three-course meal before the ceremony commenced. I was extremely nervous about going up on stage to accept my award even though I didn’t need to make a speech. The chairman had assured me prior to the awards beginning that I’d be fine but I was still anxious about tripping on my way up to the stage.
When they announced that the next award was for the Volunteer of the Year, it was the first time I heard what my boss had wrote in her nomination form. It was also the first time that I heard just how many volunteers were nominated and the fact that I was picked out of such a number as large as this was really special. I had to giggle when I had successfully made my way onto the stage and the chairman said to me; “See, I told you that you would be fine!”

The award itself was really quite heavy, I was afraid I’d drop it! I was also given a framed certificate, a Flame of Hope badge and some gorgeous purple (my favourite colour!) flowers.

I was then whisked off into a private room where I had to have professional photos taken. I’ve never moved my head in so many different places in my life! I was a bit uncomfortable as I can’t smile properly if I’m not laughing which made the experience quite daunting. God knows what these photos are going to look like!

It was a truly magical day. One that I’ll never forget and will always cherish.

I hope you lovely lot enjoyed that! Perhaps my mother shall make an appearance again in the future. Have a splendid Monday!


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