Monday Musings: The Wasted Avenue of Careless Sons.

Hello lovely readers, gosh it's been so long since I've done a Monday Musings! I'm sorry for the absence of my Monday rambles but I'm officially back with all the ramblings in the world.

Do you remember my last Monday Musings post, Careless Sons – Searching for the Illusive ‘Out.'? Well today I am welcoming back the spellbinding pop 'n' roll musicians! That's right, the fabulous four-man indie band is back on my blog with two brand new songs for me to review!

The Review: A Riveting New Instalment.
The Songs: Wasted Avenue
I Go to Pieces in Shopping Centres

Wasted Avenue exudes a haunting soul search for explanation whilst maintaining a cadenced and animated beat, ultimately creating an excellent balance between angst, need and general prosperity of feeling. It’s a song that can be classed as the definitive stress-reliever that we can all relate to with its enchanting and memorable wording and remarkable rhythm. 

Its successor, I Got to Pieces in Shopping Centres, is just as entrancing and poetic. I particularly enjoyed the composition  with the thorough care being taken with intricate stringing to produce a buoyant melody to accompany a sanguine cluster of wistful lyrics. Once again, Careless Sons have managed to create an equally balanced dynamic of polar opposites.

Both songs are poised and elegant. I commend Careless Sons for their ability to be so candid yet softening with their songs. They have, yet again, made a patently outstanding couplet of thought-provoking songs that, and I cannot stress this enough, suit and should be played any time and every time of the day. 

The boys will be holding a launch gig of the new tracks at The Islington, North London this Saturday (7th June) so if you would like to see this gripping band, tickets are £8 at the door.

Visit their website: Careless Sons
Follow them on Twitter: @CarelessSons
Like them on Facebook: Careless Sons


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