Review | Benefit: They're Real! Push Up Liner.

Hello lovely readers, one of my resolutions for this year was to delve into the beauty and fashion genres on the blog and so far, I’ve been doing smashing with fashion but less so with beauty. So this afternoon, I am presenting my first official beauty article…and it’s a review!

It’s a well-known fact that I am a loyal customer of Benefit Cosmetics, having stumbled upon their Brow Bar when I finally took the plunge from plucking to waxing, so I thought this would be an excellent place to start my venture into the world of beauty blogging.

Myself and gel eyeliners have shared a mutual dislike for one another over the years. With my unsteady hands and its delicate tip and petite structure, the results have always been disastrous, leaving me with an abstract pattern scribbled all over my eyes. So when the lovely Leanne from my local Benefit Brows Bar asked me to test the new product in Benefit’s They’re Real! line, I was a tad apprehensive.

Little did I know how much I’d love the new product. . .

First of all, Leanne removed the orange tip guard and loaded the gel by twisting the base. Having glossed the tip with the gel formula, she demonstrated the thickness spectrum on my hand and, after carefully examining the form of my eyes, chose a natural streak for me.

With attentive precision, Leanne gently directed the tip along the lash line from the inner corner of my eye. Having created the stroke, she overlapped it a few times to fill in and produce a full, seductive and striking addition to my eye. She then introduced the They’re Real! Remover, especially created for the liner, and proceeded to refine the line. To finish off the look, she coated my lashes with They’re Real! Mascara (her favourite Benefit product.) The mascara amplified the intensity of look and gave me lusciously long lashes.

Leanne then handed me the liner and encouraged me to copy the immaculate design she’d created on my left eye. Although, I was trembling, a few attempts and four cotton buds later, I successfully matched my other eye. It does take time to get used to it but once you are, it is absolutely easy!

The Review – A Rich, Immaculate and EASY Eye Amplifier.

Eye shapes vary with each person. Whether they are protruding, hooded, deep or close set, getting that desired sultry finish has always been problematic. Over the last five years, Benefit’s team of experts have thoroughly researched, experimented and ultimately produced a wonder product that will work for one and all.

My first observation was the remarkable resemblance the frame structure of the Push Up Liner had to the common pen. The assembly appears approachable, unlike the miniature width liners I’ve witnessed, and proves to be simple to hold. Even for the most unstable of hands, like me, the liner is easy to grip.

The ingenious AccuFlex tip induces application to be further uncomplicated. Its ability to trail as close to the lash line as possible is astounding. With its diverse setting of the thickness spectrum, the versatile design of the tip successfully adapts to any eye shape in order to create that sensual finish.

It is every woman’s nightmare to peer into her compact mirror and discover in horror that the voom out of her eyes’ va va voom has disintegrated. Will there ever be an eyeliner that is foolproof? Yes. Yes, there is.

This brings me to my favourite feature of the They’re Real! Push Up Liner. Although it’s self-confessed as waterproof, I would personally brand it as anything-proof. I tested this product in a downpour of rain. Not one sliver of the liner shifted. It neither moved nor dried out. It took several attempts with different makeup removers to remove it. Because of its invisibility, Benefit has also released a remover especially for the liner. With one swat, it is cleared from the skin completely.

The They’re Real! Push Up Liner is an extraordinary product and a welcome addition to Benefit’s divine collection. I would personally advice every one of you to get your fine backsides to your local Benefit and grab yourself one! Plus, whilst you’re there, why not purchase the They’re Real! Mascara to produce an even more intensely delightful look as well as the They’re Real! Remover for a clean removal after a your eyes have dazzled the world for the day.

Myself and Leanne.

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