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Hello lovely readers, happy Sunday to you all. A new week is almost upon us but for the moment, let me distract you with this little fashion post.

Last night I attended my lovely Uncle and Aunt's Ruby Wedding Anniversary party. Amidst the catch ups, the blaring music and getting my groove on to Jerry Lee Lewis and The Contours, I managed to get some outfit shots.

Dress ― Primark
Shoes ― Red Herring: Hot Off the Catwalk
Earrings ― H&M
Head and Neck Scarf ― Covent Garden Market

Being the usual perfectionist that I am, I co-ordinated my outfit with the occasion through various shades of pinks and reds with the odd cameo of blue. My dress and head/neck scarf were purchased during my trip to London. No matter how much Primark gets degraded, they do produce some gems occasionally.



  1. You look beautiful! I went to a wedding at the weekend and it was amazing, but so exhausting! I imagine you're feeling as bad as I am today. Payback is horrible :(

    1. Thank you, Haley! I'm still in disbelief that that dress was stitched by Primark's hands.

      I'm in agreement with you, I am absolutely exhausted. The delight that is payback is a "gift" that just keeps on giving. *sighs* I truly hope you're feeling a little better today, just keep thinking about how fabulous the wedding was!


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