Endeavour and Achieve.

Hello lovely readers, I have officially returned from my short break from Life’s tumultuous demand. It’s time to begin writing long-overdue articles about my adventures of the year so far and today, I’m here to talk about this week’s upcoming articles.

My tardiness is due to my particularly hectic timetable. Working, managing my Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, writing and updating my blog on a regular basis has proved to be a difficult mixture; sometimes to the extent of requiring a two – three day relaxation period.

Fortunately, I have re-established a healthy day-to-day rhythm to accommodate life with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and all of the occupation mentioned above.

Although I’ve been frequenting the internet via my blog since early 2012, it has only just launched into the spotlight on the blogosphere’s radar this year. This year has been quite overwhelming. Dreams are quickly becoming reality and a lot of change is being applied. Through my articles, my diversity of topic and my written works, a lot of exciting opportunities (that I am yet to disclose) have come knocking on my door.
With these chances comes a great deal of dedication which is partly due to why I haven’t blogged as regularly as I usually do recently. Even though I am the equivalent to a zombie at times, I don’t know what I’d do without my blog and you lovely lot.

This Week’s Schedule

Anyhow, this week on the blog, I will be visiting the delectable area of cookery, the adventure of travel and the perks of small health and beauty adjustments as well as a few cosmetic tips.

Travel | Stratford-upon-Avon

In late March to early April, I took to my to-be home, Stratford-upon-Avon for a week of leisure and enrichment. What was planned as a relaxing vacation turned into an voyage of checking things off the bucket list, including finally stepping onto the sacred grounds of the Holy Trinity Church. I also did something I’d sworn to never to do – Take a ride on the tour bus. Be prepared for a whirlwind of fun, frolics and one peculiar afternoon in a room full of suited men.

Cookery | Food Festival 2014

Last month, I attended the annual food festival to bask in the oddly comforting aroma of cider, cheese and freshly baked goods. Just like the year prior, James Martin was a featured chef in the cookery theatre and I, of course, enjoyed watching his parade of terribly sweet, butter-filled dishes.

Health & Beauty | Still Luscious with a Slight Trim

If you follow me on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, then you will know I made the devastating decision to change up my hair. This included chopping off thirteen inches of my hair. Don’t fear though, my hair is still very much long; reaching mid-back. You lovely lot will find out very soon why I did it and hopefully, you will approve of the new look!

Beauty | Compact Needs.

This little idea was cooked up during a conversation with my beautician at a specific brow bar. I cannot reveal much about this one so you will have to simply wait and see what’s coming up!

Have a wonderful afternoon!


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