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Hello lovely readers, last month I attended my town's annual food festival and I’m here to tell you all about my adventures during my time in the feast-infested madness.

Call me strange, but I simply adore the peculiar mixture of cheese, cider and candy mingling in the air. It just makes me feel at home in a sense. The smell can be quite intoxicating, mostly in a good way.

Each year, more and more people from all over the country travel down for this occasion, providing an even wider range of food for all of us to sample. This time, there was a distinctive rise in stalls and variety. 

Alongside the regulars (delectable cheese and alcohol,) there was paella, various experimentation in sauces, and even a few old style bakery stalls.

My favourite part of exploring the stalls is being able to try the products. The only problem is that I often will go back for more helpings before purchasing the products. *chuckles* It’s fair to say I stocked up on smoked cheddar that day. Lots and lots of cheddar.

Unlike the year prior, it was painfully hot. Thank god there was a stall dedicated to fans. Everybody (including myself) had gone for a safe fashion option by wearing jeans, fearing another thunder storm like the day before. Needless to say, we all regretted our decision.

Like every year, James Martin reprized his role as one of the celebrity chefs doing a demonstration in the cookery theatre. Although I’m not particularly familiar with many chefs, Martin is my favourite. Most likely for the excessive amount of butter and sugar that is used for each dish but also because he’s highly skilled in presentation; so much so that it could even appeal to the fussiest of eaters.

This year, James presented an array of inviting seafood with a cameo of bird (the latter dish's name being the one I cannot, for the life of me, remember) that proved to vary in toothsome display. The most fascinating of the three meals was the seared tuna with watermelon, ginger pickle purée and baby leaves; the primary reason being the sheer intrigue of watching Martin cook the watermelon. If only I'd been so lucky to have had a cheeky taste, it looked splendid!

However, my favourite repast was the final course. After witnessing the creation, James came back from America to bestow a delicious (traditionally a breakfast snack in the US) dish entitled, Monkey Bread. A heart attack served on a silver platter, this pastry consists of sweet yeast dough, melted butter and incredible amount of butter and sugar. The mouth-watering creation is structured like a jigsaw, providing a clean slice of a piece for someone to simply pick up. 

The Dishes

It was a fabulous day. From tasting all kinds of food to enjoying live, local music, it was an all-around tasty but exhausting day. 


  1. I've never been to a food festival before, I'd love to one day though, who doesn't love food?! So glad you had a great day, although it sounds exhausting, you must be shattered!

    xx Hayley-Eszti

    1. You would be absolutely correct. I was the equivalent to a zombie for a week afterwards.

      Food festivals can be overwhelming, with the amount of people and the variety of activity in what can seem a small location. However, it is worth it for the experience! Plus, the food is simply divine!



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