Luscious with a Difference.

Hello lovely readers, this evening’s matter of rambling is about a specific asset of mine that never ceases to have people talking.

For a reason I will never understand, my hair has always been the topic of conversation among peers, relatives, readers and, yes, strangers. I concede that my hair was outrageously long. With the ability to be wrapped in a neat, petite bun, it constantly astounded people when I unravelled it to reveal a mass of brown hair cascading down my back.

You see, once upon a time I was a bombshell with a bob. It was a sleek do that barely touched the only skimmed midway on the nape of my neck. Sadly, with time, the style became jaded for me. This lead to me abandon expensive haircuts altogether and allow my hair to be the wild, curly entity that it is.

I later became dubbed as a modern-day Rapunzel for my lengthy locks. Whenever my hair became the subject to discuss, the questions that followed were what would become a standard interrogation with almost everyone I’d meet;

"Is that your hair?"

"Is that colour real?"

"Can I measure it?"

For someone who had lost interest in maintaining any sort of trend hairstyle, being ask to show people the length of my hair was, to put it politely, a tad uncomfortable. But, in a world full of extensions and dye, I suppose it is a rare sight.

But it seemed to be a key part of me to people, especially to you lovely readers. So when I published a picture of thirteen inches of hair last week with the caption; So, ah, this just happened. It comes as no surprise that my friends and readers went into a frenzy of apprehension.
Yes, after six years, I decided that it was time to change my hairstyle.
Yes, I had thirteen inches cut off.
And yes, I may have been shuddering for a full five minutes before I would allow any scissors near me.

Fortunately though, what was cut was simply lifeless hair. It needed to go. Another plus is that, although thirteen inches may seem a large quantity of hair for most, my hair still remains to be long without it.

Ready for the reveal? Ok!

It took a small amount of time to get used it, a couple days to work up the nerve to reveal it, and a week to fall in love with it. My hair is still very much wild and curly but with a's alive again!


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