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Hello lovely readers, are you ready for another week of chaos? Of course, you aren't! I don't believe anybody enjoys being stuck in peak-time traffic. So, to brighten your spirits, here's a little bit of retail therapy.

In the August entry of The Shopaholic Chronicles, I mentioned that I had a christening to attend this weekend. With it being such a long time since I'd attended a church service, I felt obligated to seek out a sophisticated dress.

The only question is: Did I choose the right one?

Dress ― New Look
Shoes ― Guess
Earrings ― H&M
Necklace ― Avon
Ring ― Debenhams

Personally, this is most likely one of the finest purchases I have ever made in the history of my retail experience. If my belief that New Look produces excellent clothing was in doubt, it definitely isn't now.

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