Birthday Shenanigans.

Hello lovely readers, it seems that we are quickly nearing the end of this week and hence, it’s time to fill you on what I got up to on my birthday! But first, I’d like to muse and reflect on the subject.

Birthdays are peculiar things.

In the beginning, we enjoy a three-course meal of delight, intoxication, and shenanigans. In hindsight, who didn’t love those birthdays that, to this day, still remain somewhat of a mystery?

Yet– although we revelled in celebrating big– as we grow older, we change and ultimately, so do our mentality to birthdays.

With the madness of this year, and with the realization that another year would soon be crossed off that number labelled upon me, I didn’t crave to be surrounded by an inebriated fog. What originated as one of my quietest birthdays became one of the most memorable.
Patisserie Valerie: Lemon Cheesecake

You're never too old to be spoiled. Whatever the definition of spoiling is to you, you're never too old for it. If anybody tells you otherwise, they're lying.

As the years fade into the distance, of course our need for gifts change. Necessities change. This year, I said something that comes from my mother's mouth all of the time: "Surprise me."

Needless to say, I was surprised. And terribly spoiled.

Among the presents was the Complete Works of Shakespeare, a personalized coca-cola bottle, beauty products and fragrances,  lots of books, a peculiar pair of socks with massaging soles, and a 1896, fully functional, typewriter!
Antipasti: Mini Garlic Bastoni | Secondi: Pepperoni Pizza

I spent the majority of my day at work and, after finishing a little early, I made my way into town to meet my parents for a lovely meal.

We dined at my favourite Italian restaurant, Bella Italia.

Before we ordered, my mother handed me an envelope. It reminded me of something the Riddler would give you. Upon opening it, it was an email. Initially confused, I shot a perplexed look at my parents before analyzing it further.

It turns out it was only a confirmation to visit London Film Museum, Bond in Motion!

I hate to admit this (to the point of cringing at merely typing this), but I was so surprised and overcome, that I burst into tears! 

After a slightly comical time at the restaurant with one outburst of tears, a lipstick malfunction, and a drink on-the-house, we took off for a wander around town. We stopped at Waterstones to spend a gift card I'd received and Patisserie Valerie for the nearest, portable, cake that could act as a birthday cake.

I'm not a fan of desserts nor cakes but there are occasions when I do fancy them and, obviously, this was one of them! So, after a deliberation between the vast collection of delicious treats, I chose a lemon cheesecake.

As the night drew to a close, I went home and dug out a couple candles to place in my slice of cake. I then closed my eyes and made my first wish of  new year.

So there it is, another year has concluded. Here's to the next and here's to hoping that this new ride I've sat myself in is just as wonderfully exciting as the last year has been!

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