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Hello lovely readers, it has been one hell of a manic week for me what with it being Stand Up to Cancer. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in fundraising, working and trips to the hospital and it’s not about to stop for the upcoming week.

Just recently I was asked to take part in the fantastic blogger competition held by genius fashion app, Mallzee. As a self-confessed shopaholic, the app is a very dangerous one for me as I could very well go absolutely mad with shopping fever but so far, I’ve been responsible!

Mallzee has been altering every shopper's shopping experience since their launch in 2012. If you are familiar with Tinder then you will simply adore the structure of this app with the ability to swipe and purchase items. The team behind the masterpiece offer every kind of brand and type of fashion on a digital silver platter. They have also just released a brand new version of the fabulous app which you can purchase here!

Today, as my entry into the competition, I wanted to share with you my personal fashion picks for a few of the different stages of being a writer. Enjoy!

The Inspiration
There are times when it only takes an inkling of colour to inspire a writer.

Typically, anything can inspire me to write. My up-and-coming novel was planted by a simple moment in time. So, if I were to characterize how I'm inspire through attire, I would definitely choose something colourful to advertise the variety.

The Block
Writer's block requires comfort.

The horrific mentality that is "writer's block" is something we have all suffered for one reason or the other. I personally struggle with it as my ambition is a tad too high. This outfit is one that I and most writers would identify with. I always retreat into nightwear-like clothes for consoling myself.

The Edit
Editing can be fun.

Editing is a grueling sport and I often find myself wanting to curl up into a ball and weep for eternity. However, as peculiar as it is, I find changing into a certain style of clothing boosts my determination to get my head in the editing game.

The Finish
What better than a sparkling finish when all is done, dusted and ready to hit the shelves?

When I finished each of my anthologies, I always took it upon myself to get out the champs and celebrate in style. New Look are famous for their divine sequin-clad dresses and so this particular choice couldn't be more perfect for the occasion.

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