"2014" | A Letter to Myself.

Hello lovely readers, today I am doing something a tad different. The days following up to the new year is the time for reflection and boy, we all know how that confrontation over our doings in the past year goes. I've noticed that many have used this iconic photo of Clueless' Cher Horowitz's awful driving skills expression as the perfect analogy:

As an obvious symbol of regret, I felt that a lot of people have been judging their year by their mistakes. So today, I've decided to publish a letter I wrote to myself about my year. I have definitely judged my year in the same way most have but recently, that mentality changed. So enjoy my musings and remember, when there is a negative, there are twice as many positives.


Dear Tammy,

This year has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. A very unsteady, mysterious, and rocky rollerocaster.

You have made a lot of mistakes, whether that be of decision or of judgement, it is nonetheless true. You have endured countless failure in your ventures in life in general. Your misplaced faith and blinded-by-love devotion has been a fickle and unfortunate influence that have lead to loss and upset.

But do you know what, Tammy-Louise Wilkins?

You did amazing in 2014.

Your growth throughout the many, many, trying times of this year have proved that. This year, you conjured the ability to survive being hurt. You have learnt that even when you believe you’ll always hold on, you can let go. Change is hard but change is good; it’s fantastic even.

It’s true, you lost many of those you thought would remain for years to come. However, that empty void that was once filled with negative entities has been filled by a refreshing breath of positive and beautiful people. You’re pain and suffering is worth it when such amazing opportunities and people, be it new or old, come (or return) into your life.

You may feel regret for loving people that didn't return said feeling but, without that, you wouldn't have made such a crucial and life-changing transition that has placed you in the wonderful place that you inhabit now.

This year, you faced your fears and battled your demons manifested by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and you succeeded! This year, you have faced things head-on with a practical mentality. This year, you have started yourself on the path of one hell of a brilliant career.

You have achieved so much in such a small quantity of time and next year is no exception. 2015 is your year, sunshine. With the most special people you'll ever need, a business, a new book, and a book deal; the world is your audience so grab that microphone on that vacant stage and let everyone hear you!

To paraphrase Shakespeare’s iconic saying that occurred between Cassius and Brutus in Julius Caesar; it is not in the stars to hold your destiny but in yourself if you seek it.

You’re going to rock 2015!

Yours sincerely,

Your Ever-Optimistic Self

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  1. This is amazing!! You're so brave to put all this stuff out in the open. I'm gonna write my own!

  2. Love this! What a brilliant idea ✒️


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