Christmas Cheer with Careless Sons.

Hello lovely readers, we are two days away from Christmas! Can you believe Christmas is almost here? Well, the best way to get you into the festive mood is good music and that is exactly what I'm here to bestow today.

2014 has been the year of shaking new hands and meeting new and inspiring people. Among these unfamiliar faces are a group of coruscating youths that I had the pleasure of meeting. Fast-forwarding months after meeting, that group of rockers are now my go-to band to sate every mood on the emotional spectrum.

Today, I am once again, and very happily at that, featuring Careless Sons with their particularly festive number.

The Review: A Festive Treat.
The Song: Don't Tell Me You Don't Like Christmas.

Whenever the holidays arrive, the competition to win the title of the chart-topping Christmas record is an intense and challenging race to run. However, Careless Sons have effortlessly and single-handedly proved to be the exception to the rules of music society with their latest, holiday hit.

Don’t Tell Me You Don’t Like Christmas redefines the term ‘collaboration’ with its surprisingly complimentary blend of the classical merry instrumentals and regular employment of powerfully punk vocals. The alternation between humourous tumbles on the ice rink and a seasonal soiree in a comfortable lounge in the video makes the festively candescent themes of a joyous Christmas patently perceptible.

A passé standard for a Christmas tune stands between the categories of annoyingly catchy, jolly, and cheesy. Don’t Tell Me You Don’t Like Christmas blows the guidelines out of the water with their very own rendition on what a Christmas song should sound like.

Following the footsteps of their previous tracks, Careless Sons remain ever blunt, controlled and influential through their nerve-hitting and warm rock. This song is perfect for everyone, conventional or unconventional with holidays such as this.




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