Fashion | Day Three of the 2015 Autumn/Winter London Collections: Men.

Hello lovely readers, it is with regret to say that the penultimate day of the London Collections: Men has arrived. Times unfortunately flies when you're having fun and documenting the finest tailoring out there is, indeed, fun.

Day Three was consumed by familiar faces, including some of my personal favourites, and the host for the famous Alexander McQueen show. Out of twenty-one brands, I bring you my likes, lusts, and loves of the day!

With violet-clad flooring, J.W. Anderson began Day Three with a dose of eloquent creativity. (I simply adore Anderson's creations. His intuitive nature and unique approach is what makes his products so eye-catching.) The seventies, salmon shirts, striking turtle necks and fitted leather revealed a slightly feminine but nonetheless dashing outlook on what the colder months of this year will have instore. Anderson's signature pieces in this collections has to be the fiercely over-sized, ivory scarf. How wearable they'd be is questionable but remaining warm will be no problem!

Richard James
Source: Now Fashion
Maintaining a classically British look, Margaret Howell provided an array of comfortable, debonair, and fashionable clothing. Howell has a keen sense for what the everyday man would wear and pushes those boundaries with daring alterations. Turtle necks once again reprises its role in today's collections. What caught my eye was the tucked-in jumpers. Perhaps that could instigate a new exercise trend - what with the fitting material sculpting around the muscles of the body it hides?

2014 saw the rise in flashy suits (who doesn't remember the diamond-encrusted suit?) and Richard James has decided to bring into 2015 too. Although his varied collection was a wonderful one, I was captivated by the glistening teal blazer with red/yellow fleck patterns upon it. It was perfectly matched with a matching shirt, tie, and slippers with a black pair of trousers to contrast. An excellent creation for a good soiree!

Pringle of Scotland, in a divine and artistic location, presented a collection of wearable, polished, and practical clothing that I can envision almost every man desiring to have in their wardrobe. Day Three has been a day of scarfs and PoS has definitely done well with their simply stylish wraps and turtle-neck styled scarfs. The collection very much suited its location, creating a warm and cosy outlook.

Minimalistic lovers, Kilgour, gave a stunning presentation with a very detailed display for the pieces. Sporting a monochrome motif, Kilgour created a modern, sleek, and chic collection of wintery materials as well as evening-wear. Carlo Brandelli's installation of 3D strobe display (as seen below) was simply excellent!

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Source: Wallpaper Magazine
Alexander McQueen
Source: Now Fashion
At the Rosewood Hotel, Duchamp unveiled their usual classy and debonair designs. What I love about this brand is their vast age-range, stitching suits for the budding adult to the mature man of the world. English silk and Italian velvet made what can only be called textural luxury for the brand. Who didn't adore that floral blazer christened with bold black and shimmering gold? For an evening suit with a patterned twist, Duchamp is the place to go.

The most anticipated show of the LC:M arrived today. Of course, I'm talking about Alexander McQueen. With rain effect hair and a brooding expression, the models presented the brand's usual dark tones and surprised the audience with a few bursts of colour. The designs were as stunning as ever and it is a struggle to pick out just one piece. However, I cannot help but be mesmerized by maroon and coal floral suit.

Set in a 50's diner, a group of leather-clad men sat around the spacious tables at the Belstaff presentation. I believe Belstaff are a brand after my own heart with this British biker collection. The rather tight (yum!) leather trousers and formula one jumpsuits were exquisite. This was a beautiful collection and my favourite from Day Three!

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Source: Flaunt Magazine
Mr Porter's Kingsman
Like I needed any more reason to adore dunhill, this year Dunhill through delectable braces into his already divine mix. With a collection of models fit (in the slang sense) to star in a gorgeous line-up like The Riot Club, Dunhill presented an arrangement of resourceful clothing that every youth needs to get their hands on. If you hadn't already guessed, my favourite ensemble from the collection was the striped auburn jumper paired with braces!

To end Day Three, my final love came from the Kingsman Collection by Mr Porter. Focusing on monochrome pinstripe and check suits, Porter showcased a modern craftsmanship approach on the evening gentlemen. With a vast collection of sleek bow ties and pocket keyrings, I was very impressed with the new brand for gentlemen of today and look forward to more of Porter's new ventures!

Favourite Collection: Belstaff.
Favourite Ensemble: Mr Porter's Kingsman's grey large check suit.
Favourite Venue: (It's a tie due to such brilliant location choices:)
Alexander McQueen's venue and Pringle of Scotland's.
Favourite Street Style: Jim Chapman and Joe Dempsie.

Jim Chapman and Joe Dempsie
Source: Alfred Dunhill

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