Fashion | Day Two of the 2015 Autumn/Winter London Collections: Men.

Hello lovely readers, welcome to Day Two of the LC: M! After a triumphant start with a strong line up, another day full of unique labels has arrived and it's time to document my likes, lusts, and loves of the what these talented designers had to offer.

After an intimate evening with Hacket ondon, the LC:M kicked off Day Two with the striking collection of Lee Roach. With a monochrome motif, Roach presented his usual batch of buoyant clothing. I was mesmerized by the tie-waist blazers and metallic, bootcut trousers. An impressive start!

Ede & Ravenscroft
Source: Desislava Todorovs 
Naturalistic and military-based brand, Maharishi, rocked their showcase at The Old Sorting Office with a csea of camouflage toned and relaxed outwear. The versatile collection suits everyone and anyone. Knee-skimming coats seem to be a theme this year and I won't be surprised to see them dominate AW15.

To quote British GQ, Nigel Cabourn's collection is a "throwback to the brand's heritage ties to Edmund Hilary's ascent of Mount Everest in 1953." As each Winter descends into the arctic temperatures, Cabourn provides a selection of thermal wear to use for those icy mornings.

The Edwardian era was dominated by suave suits and boyish bow ties and today, Ede & Ravenscroft successfully revitalized it's iconic fashion with a simple modern touch. From burgundy velvet to sultry silk, Ede & Ravenscroft have stitched a smart collections that I very much hope will be all over town this winter.

Hardy Amies
Source: Robert Johnson
For the most memorable show of the day, Agi & Sam take the winning prize. Creativity had no bounds as the audience was treated to bursts of colour and faces clad with lego distortions. My favourite piece has to be the patchwork jacket with a typographic printed sleeve. This was, by far, my favourite collection ever presented by Agi & Sam and I  can only hope they continue with creativity.

As per usual, Hardy Amies delivered a superbly profound collection. This year, the label was inspired by William Wordsmith's poem, 'Snowdown.' As a poet myself, you can understand just how much that little bit of information meant and influenced how I perceived the collection. Unlike Cabourn, Amies took a more stylish take on the warm wear. My particular favourite from this collection is the sophisticated parker with a splatter of yellow beneath its pocket that was teamed up with the monochrome check trousers. Divine!

Matthew Miller officially hooked me with the burgundy and maroon tones. From oversized tees to bomber jackets to leather jackets, the red spectrum made the Miller's show a rock 'n' roll success.

To end tonight's article, I would like to give the award for most dapper show to none other than formalwear guru, Thomas Pink. True to the surname, Pink showcased a particularly pink array of smart clothing. Although I loved all of the pieces, my personal favourites were the braces numbers. The emerald dress shirt paired with casual jeans, a bow tie and blue braces was a perfect ensemble.

Thomas Pink.
Source: Model 1

Favourite Collection: Ede & Ravenscroft.
Favourite Ensemble: Thomas Pink's Emerald Braces number.
Favourite Venue: John Lobb's Footwear Showroom.
Favourite Street Style: Oliver Cheshire.

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