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Hello lovely readers, I have a very special and particularly stylish guest that I have the pleasure of having with me this evening. Now, as a glasses wearer myself, I can identify with the importance of owning fashionable eyewear and there is only one company that successfully achieves a high level of sophistication. So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to American eyewear brand, Warby Parker.
Founded in 2010, Warby Parker is known as the “Netflix of eyewear;” presenting an array of exploration of vintage frames at an affordable price. Over the prior five years, Warby Parker has become an esteemed brand, being featured in prestigious magazines such as Vogue and GQ. If they hadn’t cultivated your interest already, the label also is home to a donation program which distributes a pair of glasses to those in need via their non-profit partner with every product that is purchased.

Although the cooler months are yet to fade, Warby Parker has already leapt into spring with their brand new, and dreamily whimsical, Spring CollectionIntroducing eight new frames and six blends of the colour spectrum, the Spring Collection explores the essence of pathetic fallacy through their products with their theme of a picturesque spring day on the beach.

This evening I would like to bring this collection to life with a creative insight into the most populated categories of the blogging world and display what glasses from this collection would be worn by what category.

Haskell Crystal
Shirt: H&M
Trousers: H&M

A lifestyle blogger is a “little-bit-of-everything” blogger. It is perhaps the most versatile corner of the blogging world with a vast amount of subjects that can potentially be covered. Typically, a lifestyle blogger goes for geek chic eyewear.

With a theme of warmth and personality, Warby’s rounded and squared spectacles are superbly fitting for a lifestyle blogger. I’m particularly in lust with the Archie Whiskey Tortoise and Haskell Crystal glasses for their unique and elegant twist on round frames, elevating a sense of individuality with it and the earnest brown hues and simplistic windows.

From Left to Right: Archie Whiskey Tortoise, Haskell Crystal,
Cass Blue Slate Fade, Sullivan Woodgrain Tortoise,
and Daisy Striped Molasses.

Finch Striped Molasses
Dress: Topshop

Fashion bloggers are the statement bloggers of the blogging world; their aim to create something grand out of something small. From suits to dresses to striking ensembles, the element of surprise and beauty is to be expected.

What struck me about Warby’s collection was its adaptability in style. They artistic pieces go from bold to subtle to illuminating to comfortable. It is no secret that eyewear is on the rise in fashion blogging and as fashion bloggers change every day, eyewear such as Daisy Aurelia Tortoise and Arthur Jet Black are almost vital to complete a sense of fashionable sophistication through clothing.

From Left to Right: Daisy Aurelia Tortoise, Arthur Jet Black,
Archie Citron, Finch Striped Molasses, and Cass Whiskey Tortoise.

Brooks Striped Pacific
Dress: Miss Selfridge

Presenting an effervescent signature of colour, beauty bloggers are the liveliest of them all. They are forever changing their look in an appeal for variety and exposure to relate to each reader’s individual style. From this collection, the beauty bloggers have the most urbane pick of Warby’s spring collection.

A love for cosmetics does not mean a lack of intelligence and Warby Parker can prove that in a physical form of erudite eyewear. Focusing on the dusky tones and softer shades of sand, this selection petitions that a double frame can elicit an air of cleverness. The Newton Striped Molasses were one of my favourites!

From Left to Right: Carnaby Burnt Lemon Tortoise, Brooks Striped Pacific,
Newton Striped Molasses, Theo Stripped Beach, and Chalmer Whiskey Tortoise.

Newton Aurelia Tortoise
Playsuit: Avenue 32
What is most possibly the most relatable kind of blogger to Warby Parker’s spring collection is equally the most spontaneously vivacious, animated and spirited blogger. Of course, I am talking about a travel blogger.

Reminiscent Spring Break Romance, Warby’s Newton Aurelia Tortoise and Carnaby Blue Coral glasses are simply divine and absolutely relevant to a travel blogger’s luggage accessory. Having been inspired by the calm sea and the wonders that lay beneath the surface, Warby’s spring collection is simply perfect for a travel blogger.

From Left to Right: Newton Aurelia Tortoise, Carnaby Blue Coral,
Chalmer Striped Beach, Sullivan Saltwater Matte with
Red Seaweed Matte, and Brooks Oak Barrel.

In conclusion, Warby Parker’s Spring Collection successfully takes the customer on a journey of a tranquil and attractive spring. The intricate detailing and concentrated attention is what makes this collection a splendidly chic accessory of a fresh season.

Left to Right: Archie Whiskey Tortoise and Daisy Aurelia Tortoise.

Be the most stylish person around and grab yourself a pair of Warby Parker specs!


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    1. Thank you, Lyosha! This was one of my favourite collaborations.

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