Review | Hook 'n' Roll with Benefit's Roller Lash.

Hello lovely readers, a new week is upon us and it is my pleasure to begin it by welcoming a beloved guest of my blog; Benefit Cosmetics. Today, Benefit and I have joined forces once more in unveiling the hottest upcoming cosmetic, the Roller Lash mascara.

For a painfully long duration of time, Benefit manufacturers have been attempting to create a universal mascara. Like the They're Real! Push-Up Liner, it has taken excessive trials and learning from error to finally produce a mascara that can take any type of eye and lengthen, separate, and produce a lusciously long set of lashes that are distinctively defined and visible.

Having had my intrigue peaked at the hearsay, I met up with one of the Benebabes at my local brow bar and had the privilege of reviewing the upcoming product!

Before testing the product and its assigned look, I sat down with Gemma Gingell (below right,) a beautician at my local Benefit Brow Bar, and picked apart her brain on the upcoming product;

How was the concept of the Roller Lash, a super-curling and lifting mascara, conceived? 

Nostalgic of the famous nineteen-fifties, the Roller Lash was born from combining the retro hair curler and its vintage function and applying it to lashes. The concept is reminiscent of those tight curls and hopeful to produce the same alluring lift in lashes.

The name itself highlights the primary point of difference between itself and the other mascaras Benefit features. It is the only "roller for lashes."

How long has it taken to complete the Roller Lash?

It has taken a very long time, like They're Real! Push-Up Liner, to complete this product. It has taken forty-eight attempts to create this diverse mascara. It's important to mention that Provitamin B5 and Serin have been used in the formula of the product that conditions the lashes. What's more, the Roller Lash is waterproof. These ingredients all lead to a comfortable, 12-hour lasting, mascara.

What separates the Roller Lash from Benefit’s best seller, They’re Real! Mascara? 

They're Real! Mascara caters towards the full and thick false lash effect, clumping the lashes together for a plentiful, jet black finish whilst Roller lash maintains a natural approach, separating and lengthening the lashes, and serves for all lashes for a warm, satin finish.

What Benefit products would you suggest to accompany the Roller Lash?

It is all about the amplification of the eyes to enhance the effect of the Roller Lash. My primary product choices that I'd recommend for this would be Brow Zings for that perfectly defined and signature Benefit arch, Word Famous Neutrals for a smooth and smokey lift, and They're Real! Push-Up Liner, be it a striking wing of a luscious lid liner, to complete the look.

The Review | A Sultry, Unique, and Fool-Proof Elevator for Lashes.

The packaging of the Roller Lash pays homage to its inspiration from the sparkling stars on the box that were often a primary feature of beauty salons in the fifties and sixties to the particularly feminine pink, rounded lid of the Roller Lash itself that resembles a hair roller.

Marketing is always about attraction. Attraction is instigated by an eye-catcher and the Roller Lash has enough quirk, femininity, and intrigue to entice a buyer’s attention.

The chief factors of what makes this product five-star worthy is the beneficial formula and the intricately crafted brush.

As Gemma mentioned above, the formula includes Provitamin B5 and Serin. These two chemicals are known for their long-lasting conditioner for lashes. These two components are incredibly beneficial in the long haul for lashes. You're not only having a lash boost but a lash revitalization. 

What fascinated me was the brush (above right). Following the benetint pink, the brush is a natural and normal curved shape but, upon closer inspection, the brush is riddled with tiny hooks used to grab the lashes and lift them. 

TOP TIP: To achieved the most volume, use the top of the curved shape on your lashes, not the dipped bottom. 

In all the years of using cosmetics, I’ve never worried too much about the appliances – aside from lipstick – other than the products that apply to my eyes. I’ve never had terribly long lashes and, although I flitted from one beauty label to another, I couldn’t find a mascara that could successfully elevate my lashes and the richness of my irises (especially when I’m wearing glasses) without smudging, clumping, and (this has actually happened with the help of eyelash curlers) causing my lashes to actually fall out!

When I finally tested out the Roller Lash, I was apprehensive. I’d settled for the fact that my lashes were never going to be long and luscious. Then, as I peered into the mirror and peaked at the results, I was absolutely stunned. 

had lashes. 

I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing.  

My lashes didn't look strung together in one mass of black. The hooks within the brush separated every lash individually and curled and lifted them to create a striking volume. They’d been given a triple va va voom and almost looked as though I was wearing eyelash extensions. 

The amount of effort employed into creating nothing short of a wonder product has been well worth the wait and I would encourage every woman to get their hands on their very own tube of Roller Lash!

Stay tuned for my Roller Lash Look article!



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