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Hello lovely readers, last week I reviewed the superb new product to hit the shelves of Benefit Cosmetics; the Roller Lash.
"When I finally tested out the Roller Lash, I was apprehensive. I’d settled for the fact that my lashes were never going to be long and luscious. Then, as I peered into the mirror and peaked at the results, I was absolutely stunned..." Review | Hook 'n' Roll with Benefit's Roller Lash
When I was first consulted about the product, I discussed at length with Benebabe, Leanne, about how I could aid the review. After blending our creativity, we concluded to go the full monty and give me the complete "Roller Lash Look" to accompany my product test.

I would like to thank the lovely Gemma Gingell for sprinkling some of her magic makeup skills and making me look like a superstar!

So, without further ado, please enjoy my attempt at doing a beauty tutorial!

For a radiant finish, it is always important to have clean and fresh skin before you apply any cosmetics. Benefit's Skincare Set (£14.50) has become apart of my daily routine. Even on my roughest day, I still have the lustrous glow the set has provided me that morning.

Wet your face with a flannel and apply a small amount of Foamingly Clean Facial Wash (£17.50) to the skin. For a thorough cleanse, let the lather soak into your pores for a few minutes before rinsing it off with water.

Once your skin is cleansed, gently apply the Moisture Prep Toning Lotion (£23.50) to your face and neck with a cotton pad. The lotion smooths the skin and prepares it to be moisturized. This will produce a better result after the moisturizer is used.

Next, carefully apply Triple Performing Facial Emulsion (£21.50) with your fingertips to your face and neck. The oil-free lotion will hydrate your skin and ultimately give you soft and subdued skin.

In recent years, brands have been producing evolutionary beauty products such as the skin tone identifier. It has proven to be an excellent marketing skill. However, I personally enjoy the fact that my beautician can identify my skin tone from a glance alone.

With a slice of tissue and a blending brush, squirt a smidgen of Hello Flawless: Oxygen WOW! Foundation (£26.50,) swipe the brush in its texture, and paint your face and neck. Always make sure to you blend the foundation everywhere. Especially if it doesn't match your skin tone entirely. Altered skin-tone patches can look a tad odd.

As I have terribly dark skin and I was experiencing the "Roller Lash Look," I had a shade lighter (Toasted Beige) so it would expose the following eye makeup to be applied. The foundation brightens and lifts the skin's freshness with a healthy and natural tint.

Once you are content that you are fully covered and matched up, apply the Fake Up Concealer (£18.50) beneath each eye with your finger and use it to blend the concealer into the skin. This little gem erases those suitcases with ease.

As a penultimate touch, apply The POREfessional Balm (£24.50) on your face by starting at the center and blending outward. This will aid the stability of the foundation as well as minimizing those stray pores standing proud and prominent.

To complete the foundation face stage, dot three spots beneath your eye and upon your eyelid of the Stay Don't Stray Primer (£20.50) and blend. This compact tool ensures and prevents concealers from creasing, eyeshadow from crusting, and most important, from either dissolving!

Now, as my long-time readers will be aware, the Benefit Brow Experience made an appearance in the
early days of my blogging and I praised the efficiency of the waxing as well as the brow control after-supplement. As a brow-oriented bar, it seemed fitting to begin with shaping my brows after finishing the foundation.

To start, use the tweezers that accompany the Brow Zings set (£24.50) to pluck those strays that refuse to be tamed. Next, dip the hard angle brush in the brow wax and brush it upon your brows in the direct that they grow. Once all of the strands have been assorted into one clean arch, brush the blending brush in the brow shadow and fill in your brows.

To finish off the brows, spread a little Gimme Brow (£17.50) for that extra definition!

To tackle the Roller Lash Look, use the World Famous Neutrals: Easiest Nudes Ever (£23.50.) Layer the lid and above the lid with creaseless cream shadow and golden brown longwear powder shadow which will enrich and lighten the lid. Then add the soft matte pink longwear powder shadow to soften and naturalize the tones. To finish off, use those matte expresso longwear powder shadow.

Now that the main course is done, it's time to add a pop of colour onto those cheeks.

Using a blush brush, swirl and blend the shades of the Sugarbomb Face Powder (£23.50) before sweeping it across your cheek bones and jaw line. The contrasting shades provide a real burst of life into this neutral look.

To add a bit more pop into those lollipop cheeks, brush three streaks of Lolli Tint (£24.50) on your cheeks and blend it with your fingertips. Make sure to do this quickly as the stain will set fast!

For an extra va va voom to make the look all the more radiant, apply the must-have product that is  Watt's Up! (£24.50) to your brow and cheek bones. It brings a soft focus that aids the striking quality of this look. The saying "you're glowing" becomes a luminous reality with this highlighter. (This can be seen in my Roller Lash Review photo here.)

The lips are not the statement portion of the Roller Lash Look, however, it is important to have a rich and plentiful colour. The Hydra-Smooth Lip Colour (£15.00 (Air Kiss)) supplies a playfully sweet and flirty tint to your lips that will remain (as stated in the product title) hydrated and smooth.

Now the reason I left the following products for last is because it was finally test time. A year prior I'd tested out They're Real! Push-Up Liner, now it was time to see if my skills had improved. It was also time to finally test the Roller Lash.

First, decide what style you are going to do with the They're Real! Push-Up Liner (£18.50). Personally, I have yet to perfect my wings with the gel liner so I stuck with a complete eye line and surprisingly succeeded a clean lining!

After choosing your style, having twisted the base to produce the ink, carefully trace the lid and lower lash line with the liner.If you have any trouble, you can always erase the liner with a dose of They're Real! Remover (14.50!)

TOP TIP: With wings, always begin with the tip of upper lash line and create your wing from there. It is guaranteed to produce two accurate wings.

Then, finally, at long last, apply the Roller Lash mascara (£19.50) with the upper curve used upon your lashes. The hooks will lift, lengthen, and curl your lashes for a luscious look. As I said in my review, the formula contains conditioning and long-lasting chemicals. So do not fear, those lashes won't disappear!

Wa-la! Your Roller Lash Look is complete!

See mine below and, if you give it a go, 
be sure to email me with your personalized Roller Lash Look!

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