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Hello lovely readers, can you believe how beautiful the weather has been? Yes, the sun is out and so are the beach and swimwear. As a perpetually cold person, I adore the sun when it comes out so I’ve decided to invite you lovely lot into my wardrobe for a week.

Long Sleeve Ribbed Polo Neck Top | TOPSHOP
(107) Matte Lipstick | Rimmel London
© Tammy-Louise Wilkins
Sometimes you just need a good rest. In my case, that is often. 
In the four years that I’ve been suffering with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, 2015 has been – by far – the busiest year as of yet. With such a hectic schedule comes difficulty. Juggling occupations and a disability doesn’t always go hand-in-hand. In fact, it often doesn’t. Therefore, I need those days where I just shut myself out of the world.

My go-to comfort wear is usually jumpers and casual trousers. The expanding material offers a fashion alternative to succour.

Checked Collar  Midi Dress | QUIZ
Cat Eye Sunglasses | New Look
Heart Clock Locket | Jenny Juice
(Revenge) Lipstick | Collection 2000
© Tammy-Louise Wilkins
 For the prior few years, I have been pushing the boundaries of my claustrophobia and anxiety by placing myself in chaotic situations. Festivals are one of them. This would be classed as high energy in my M.E. energy diary. Sometimes, I just need a trustworthy companion or a substantial distraction to help me forget about the payback I will soon receive. Getting dressed and ready and actually going somewhere can be entirely exhausting. Even though it exhausts me, I still love to pop on a stylish dress, colour my lips and give my hair some life. 

Striped Cardigan | New Look
Feather Earrings | Debenhams
Rouge Cat Eye Glasses | French Connection
© Tammy-Louise Wilkins
As a workaholic, I find myself constantly working in different ways - big and small. Recently, I discovered that my local Waterstones bookstore (or my haven, as I like to call it) has its very own balcony dedicated to it's featured cafe. There, in the blistering sun, with my earphones in and my table clad in paperwork, I found myself content and able to complete work I'd been delaying. What could be better than being surrounded by sun, books, and a chilled atmosphere?

Dress | Miss Selfridge
Headband | Spring Festival Stall
(Spiced Wine) Lipstick | Bobbi Brown
© Tammy-Louise Wilkins
Gatherings in warmer weather tend to be more serene in nature and fashion. Sometimes I find it nice to dress up and just relax. Be it with one person or a group, although it can get stressful, it is nonetheless peaceful. Although I am a lover of the cooler months, the warmth does have it's advantages in fashion. For instance, wearing headbands that won't be swept off your head with a single puff of wind!

THE 90210 GIRL
Bolero | Unknown
Denim Shorts & Sunglasses | New Look
© Tammy-Louise Wilkins
 When the sun comes out, the human race’s inhibitions evaporate. I think we’ve all seen our fair share of examples of this. But when you’re at the beach, this type of lack of inhibition is acceptable. I myself sported a lace bolero and a pair of short shorts and – for once – was absolutely content with the ensemble; even if it did garner a few disproving looks and some *ahem* lusty stares. However, the title aspect of this day is the fact that I felt content with showing off an unedited (lacking cosmetics) me.

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  1. You're a great writer & all I can say is, who knew?
    Thanks for sharing & may 2015 be brighter than all your previous summers combined



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