My Intimate Poetry: Checkmate.

Hello lovely readers, I trust you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday. I personally did, eating a variety of chocolate and yorkshire puddings, whilst having a Lord of the Rings marathon. Now we have arrived in a new week, the sun is out (for once) and what better than a poem to go with your glass of pimm's as you sunbathe?

Throughout the centuries, life has often been compared to various settings. Shakespeare claimed that life is a stage and we its players. Another said that life is a game and that all you have to do is know how to play it. So what is it like to play a game of heartbreak?

The risk of losing both your heart and life raise when you know your opposition
― Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

Upon this checked board two enemies stand,
An untainted King and his errant Queen.
Facing each other on opposing side and no longer hand in hand;
Upon this field they commence a battle unforeseen.

His purity guards the demons that reside within him,
The innocence blinds him of the blemishes upon his own skin.
He prosecutes her in coldness to a battle so grim,
Oblivious to the true corruption that lies within.

Salty droplets stain the Queen’s cheeks,
As her army of despair battle her King.
Branded by her lover with crimson streaks;
The harlot must be obliterated is what his followers sing.

Though they know not of the reality,
As they fight the woman wrongfully polluted by sin,
They remain ignorant of their King’s brutality,
In saving his own skin.

Even when the Queen withdraws from this game,
He continues to play.
Moving the pieces to stitch the blame,
Upon his Queen to make his followers stay.

But when his Queen restarts and her ache nears,
The King’s crown begins to drip with evil;
Weaving trails of black that smears,
Outing the true assailant in upheaval.

Watching the King cower,
His defense fades from his side as they spectate,
How her innocence resumes in power.
Now this Queen makes her final move; Checkmate.

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