My Intimate Poetry: Mind Games.

Hello lovely readers, a new week is upon us and as I sit with a my coffee cup at work, I can't help but think; why not begin the day with a poem?

It was once said that you can be bit in the leg by a rattlesnake and seek help to heal your wound, or you can run after it and let the poison take your leg. The same is true with love. Perhaps, this is true and if it is, what are the aftereffects?

It is not the game itself that harms us, but the duration for which we play it
― Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

How it clouds my soul.
It fills the emptiness inside,
And deceives me into feeling whole.

How he deteriorates my mind.
Though long gone, he still taunts me through my weakness,
I reluctantly surrender to him in kind.

How it consumes my frame.
It urges me to survive.
To forget about the heartbreak that once came.

How it tries to break me.
Endeavouring to crush each fibre and bone,
But it is yet to see…

How it invigorates my purpose in life.
To remind me of the importance of my existence.
To remind me that I can live a life without the past’s strife.

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