M.E. Awareness Week | The Month of May.

Hello lovely readers, the month of May marks M.E. Awareness Month. Every year, I use this month to my advantage and talk about life with the debilitating illness known as both Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and set tongues wagging. Since it is M.E. Awareness Week, I will  as usual  take over your social media platforms with such articles!

Tammy-Louise Wilkins
for M.E. Awareness Month 2015
© Tammy-Louise Wilkins
Last year, I gave the first, in-depth, insight into the battle I have fought for the last four years. In the last three years, the articles below will stand forth as some of the work I am most proudest of. Last year, these articles helped people. That is all that I ever wanted to do with this blog. It has evolved over time but the motive will forever stand that I wish to offer anyone who fights this battle, a solider in me. To be the person who stands by them and fights the war alongside them. The purpose of this week this year is to emphasize on just that.
"I’m not asking much; I’m not asking you to donate money to fund research, or join a protest, or volunteer for the cause. All I ask is – even for just one month a year – that you could please, please believe us. M.E. is not a choice; its sufferers are not malingers, and we’re certainly not lazy. We’re just ill people who desperately want to get better." 
– Katharine Cheston, M.E. Sufferer

The Origin of Sleeping Beauty.
Sleep is the first and foremost trait of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. For months previous to the triggering, I noticed that I was sleeping an increasingly large amount. It came to the point that I would be dead to the world for almost twenty-four hours. I deduced that it was a result of stress from the workload I had and it wasn’t until I became ill in January of 2011 that I knew something wasn’t right. 
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What Lies Beneath Snow's Beauty.
Talking about pain is a difficult topic to tackle because the resulting reaction can be very controversial. I had spent my first couple of years attempting to justify the fact that I was, in fact, in a lot of agony. Especially when I didn't look physically tormented and all of it happened beneath the surface. But in early 2013, I finally came to decision that I was going to talk about it to you all. The important message in this article is that we may not always see things, but that doesn't mean they're not there. 
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The Big Bad Wolf Named Anxiety.
As diverse as we are, we could easily be situated in the same room. Huddled in a circle of chairs in a pristine room with preservation gnawing away at us. A badge-clad man donning a pair of glasses circling us. We feel as though he passes judgment. That he sees our weakness written on our foreheads. Then he asks us one simple question: "How do you feel today?" 
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Belle's Library of Disease.
The diagnosis... 
In late November/early December 2010, I contracted a flu-like virus and was under the weather for a couple weeks. At first, it didn't phase me. Although, it did strike me as peculiar as I'd never had the flu. In no time, it was the beginning of January and I was feeling normal again. A little teared at the edges but nonetheless fine. I'd just started working when I the room began to spin. I felt dazed, confused and unsteady. Shortly after, I was taken home and I then spent almost a month secluded on a sofa. 
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Escaping from Rapunzel's Tower.
"How do you do it?" 
Such a simple question with such a bundle of subdivisions within it. How do I do it?How do I blog regularly? How do I write? How do I travel to Stratford-upon-Avon? How do I do anything? 
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