My Intimate Poetry: Love Tester.

Hello lovely readers, recently I've been reflecting a great deal on life  both past, present, and what I can see of the future. In this year's My Intimate Poetry instalments, I've been allowing that reflection to pour into my poems and this week's is no different. Following a thought-provoking musing My Intimate Poetry: Mind Games I began to look at utterances; ones that we say every single day and the ambiguity of them.


William Shakespeare wrote sonnets about the hope and promise of eternal and unchanging love. Edgar Allan Poe proposed that love was something that could make even the most saintly jealous. Robert Browning expressed that love is a series of hurdles that lead to a happy ending. Lord Alfred Tennyson, on the other hand, spoke of a lover through life and death and questioned the afterlife with love.

What is love? We'll never find out what it really is but I'd like to try.

You can never prepare yourself for an unpredictable result
― Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

Love is a spark.
Love is a connection.
Love is acceptance.
Love is happiness.
Love is a binding contract.
Love is a sickness.
Love is pain.
Love is a battlefield.
Love is just a word.

We may have a barrier,
As high as the resilient Berlin Wall.
We may have an army of a thousand,
With bodies as rigid as stone.
We may have a heart that fiercely beats,
To the sound of our drumming pulse.
That claims to dull our pain.
But it takes just one of Love’s warriors.
With a heart that no longer beats.
That can be the catalyst of our undoing.

Sometimes I wonder,
Why I let myself fall time and time again.
Sometimes I wonder,
If I enjoy each dainty disbandment;
Each band aid rip afflicted upon my heart.
At times, I wonder,
Do we enjoy the descent into darkness?
At times, I wonder,
Do we like being toyed with?
Is that what it is?

There comes a time when I consider,
 If I will have a heart when the end arrives.
There comes a time when I consider,
If I want to be loved at all…

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  1. You are an unbelievable talent. The poem says it all,we all strive to be loved and to love another,even though we carry all the scars of past loves,the heartbreak,the tragedy of it all and even knowing what we know now and the walls we build after every time we get hurt its the one thing we all still search for. Your writing continually inspires me to read more poetry and delve further into its soul and spirit. Hope everything is ok with you Tammy xx


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