SAAM | An Empowering Month with Red My Lips.

Hello lovely readers, it is the first day of a new month and that means Sexual Assault Awareness Month has come to a sad close. It has been an empowering month working with non-profit organisation Red MyLips and raising awareness and so I wanted to give a short feature roundup of my favourite photos and articles that were penned for the awareness month. (Read my previous article on joining Red My Lips here.)

From Left to Right: Katie Brook, BL Ronan, Debra Lane, Megan Kay, Stephen Dorey and Lola Lynch Yona.

A portrait series bringing light to the shadows in April by showing solidarity for those who suffer the impacts of Sexual Violence or Assault. 

To see the complete series, click here.

#RedMyLips Combats Sexual Assault, Victim Blaming With A Splash Of Bold Color
by Andy Campell, Huffington Post
Red lips are now a symbol of solidarity between victims of sexual assault and their allies, and a bold statement against blaming rape victims for their lifestyle choices. April is 2015’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and the #RedMyLips campaign asks participants to share your support by slapping on your reddest lipstick and splashing it all over social media. 
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How the #RedMyLips Campaign Gives New Meaning to Red Lipstick
by Renee Jacques, Allure
Red lipstick has always been a sign of strength and confidence. Unfortunately, it has also been misconstrued by many as a sign that those who wear it may also be “asking for” unwanted sexual advances. Red My Lips is trying to change that. 
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Danielle Tasino | My Story
by Danielle Tasino, Founder of Red My Lips
On April 28th 2011 I was out with friends. A guy arrived that I didn't know, but everyone else knew him. I knew of him through a mutual friend, because we had all relocated from the east coast. When he arrived, I remember thinking he had a warm and friendly face. Everyone seemed happy to see him. 
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Men Wear Bright Red Lipstick in Campaign Against Rape and Domestic Violence
by Courtney Bembridge, ABC News
You might not notice it at first, nestled within his bristly beard, but there they are - a set of shiny, bright red lips.
University lecturer Glynn Greensmith is wearing lipstick and he is surrounded by young men who are all doing the same.  
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