Fashion | Day Four of the 2016 Spring/Summer London Collections: Men.

Hello lovely readers, after a fierce party  hosted by GQ and dunhill last night, Day Four and the final day of the 2016 Spring/Summer London Collections: Men has arrived. Yes, that's right, lovely readers, the LC: M has come to an end for another year and thus, enjoy my likes, lusts, and loves from the final day.

Let's ride with Paul Smith.
The 2016 Spring/Summer LC: M has had a recurring theme of athletics and travel employed into consideration in the tailoring. Ramp rage engulfed the LC: M this morning with Jimmy Choo kicking off the morning to an energetic start at the Seymore Leisure Center. BMX World Champion, Mark Webb, took to the ramps wearing the electric blue Varley trainer. Choo plucked the florescent shades from the colour spectrum and wove them into à la mode trainers that could be tied together with just about any attire - although, a suit may look just a tad peculiar with a golden foxing and sole!

Wheeling in the pedal of Jimmy Choo, Paul Smith took the sporty theme one step further by inducting his A Suit to Travel In collection. With stylish Basso sneakers and checkered suits prancing upon blinding orange ramps, Smith presented the London commuter dream; comfortable footwear and a suit that will not strain the limbs as the commuter rides a Barclays bicycle through the busy roads. Smith certainly checkmated this battle of themes.

Young designer, Joseph Turvey, wowed the viewers at Century Soho with his feral collection. Transporting the audience into the deepest depths of the jungle, Turvey's soldiers resembled exactly what a tribe of day-to-day people would look like after a period in the wild. What transcends the jungle and ground the collection back to British soil is the petite dogs that sat with their assigned model. What makes Turvey's collection so special is the literal hands-on approach Turvey takes; illustrating his signature prints with his own hand and stamping them on each piece.  With body paint, bold stripes and a pup as an accessory, Turvey has created an irresistible collection which will definitely be a hit with the younger generation.

The Barrow Bag.
Known for her bright and peculiar designs and signature pink motif, Katie Eary brought the techinicolour dream to the runway at Victoria House. A relaxed 90's vibe radiated off the models whom doned loose clothing as they delighted the eyes of the audience with a multi-coloured palette. There was surprisingly many blends of teal and turquoise amongst Eary's usual pink array. I was particularly captivated by the blending of fushia, purple, blue, turquoise and a sandy hue. Perhaps this is the beginning of an evolutionary step for Eary.

There are three prestigious shows that occur every LC: M and Burberry Prorsum is one of them. The sounds of birds tweeting and hoards of people chattering echoed through the field moments after the brand revealed their new statement; the Burberry Scarf. As the audience settled in their seats, sensual musician, RHODES, sat at a piano with an orchestra behind him and began to sing. One by one, sleek figures marched down the runway, taking my breath with them. Burberry certainly have got everyone's wardrobe ready to be stocked up with the introduction of The Barrow Bag (right) - a bag purposely composed for a day at the office. The deep and dark shades of the colour spectrum dominated the collection; presenting a classic look and when paired with the Burberry Scarf; it was absolute perfection. The delicate detailing and precision is evident in the carefully crafted looks and I cannot wait to see these items out next Spring. Christopher Bailey, you've done it again! I will definitely be purchasing myself a Barrow Bag!

Embedded image permalinkThe final renowned collection of the LC: M arrived shortly after Burberry's presentation at the Pace Gallery in the Royal Academy of Arts. Yes, as per usual, Savile Row Bespoke tailors chose a spectacularly sentimental location for their Inside Out exclusive look behind the scenes of Savile Row and celebration of their tailors' art. There were no loud wagging of tongues. Only silence as onlookers stared in awe at the anthology of finest tailoring and origin. Each exhibit was beautiful in its own right. From 'The Cloth' to the eloquently before and after suits, there was no fault nor lack of creativity in the presentation and it was fascinating to be welcomed into the archives of the designers' minds. There is not one item that I can single out as my particular favourite, I was just utterly intoxicated by everything.

To conclude Day Four and the final day of the 2016 Spring/Summer LC: M, Tiger of Sweden brought the audience into a dreamlike state with jaded clouds coating the background as models clad in shimmering white suits took to the runway. The sleek sunglasses and and blue pinstripes that proceeded the Heaven-like beginning were mouthwatering as was the final Aztec ensemble. A pristine finish for a yet another pristine LC: M. (Click here to see my favourite looks.)

Favourite Collection: Burberry.
Favourite Presentation: Savile Row: Inside Out.
Favourite Ensemble(s): Paul Smith's Commuter (right.)
Favourite Venue: Pace Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts. (Savile Row) and Century Soho (Joseph Turvey)
Favourite Street Style: Lewis Hamilton, Samuel L Jackson, Christopher Bailey and Tinie Tempah.

From Left to Right: Lewis Hamilton, Samuel L Jackson,
Christopher Bailey and Tinie Tempah.
That's it for Day Four and the final day of the Spring/Summer 2016 LC: M.
It's been as splendid as ever and I cannot wait for next time!

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