Fashion | Day One of the 2016 Spring/Summer London Collections: Men.

Hello lovely readers, it’s that time of year again where the flocks of fashion lovers are clouding the streets of London with a sleek tablet in one hand and a camera in the other. That’s right, the London Collections: Men are back for the Spring/Summer 2016 showcase and, as always, I’m here to discuss my likes, lusts, and loves over the course of the next few days.

Let's Riot! - TOPMAN.
In typical suave fashion, Topman Design kicked of SS16 with a splendid collection. The showroom full of eager eyes and baited breath, Topman Design sated the audience first with luscious leather, playful print and vibrant colour with a sirens and electro love serving as a backing. This was followed with Billy Idol's Dancing with Myself bouncing from wall to wall as the models strutted in a sleek lineup. The Northern Soul double patches, roomy flared trousers and cropped bombers especially caught my attention. Topman Design have certainly cemented Northern Soul meets Surfer Punks in my mind.

Known for his artistic approach to presentation, Craig Green did not disappoint with his Spring/Summer collection. With a monochrome and pastel setting, Green presented an array of ensembles resembling that of defense arts uniform. Although, I cannot quite capture how this could be applicable to a rare sunny day in England but the sheer creativity that Green exercises is admirable. (The nipple twister shirt being a prime example as well as the ensemble that brings a whole new outlook on camouflage.) The models are his canvas and his clothes are the paint.

Back at the Old Sorting Office, MAN celebrated their tenth birthday with cupcakes and champagne. Steel drums thickened the air with anticipation which was proceeded by an intriguing showcase. The flashing of nipples and ripped abs made for a surprising yet delectable theme in MAN's monochrome set. From seat belts strapped to a model's chest to a flared thrill tied to a model's leg, MAN definitely left an imprint. What kind of imprint I am yet to conclude.
Simple Seasoning. - Aquascutum.

Known for it's diversity and British grounding, Universal Works treated us to a stop-motion presentation entitled, 'Not Another Catwalk,' to elegantly reveal their collection of sandy tones and blue hues. Following suit of Craign Green, Universal Works dipped into their creative side which is visible as it brimmed with creativity and style. This simplistic and cosy collection proves to be perfect for casual work-wear in the warmer months. (Click here to see a clip of the show.)

Targeting the classic summer tailoring approach, Aquascutum's Spring/Summer 2016 collection was a soft and contemporary affair with blossoming flowers littering the showroom whilst simple mannequins stood upon blocks doning sleek suits and casual wear. What I particularly loved about this collection is the consistent co-ordination. The beige tee matched with accompanying sunglasses and a monochrome suit ensemble was just divine!

Damaged with
Christopher Shannon.
Who wants to be at a foam party? Well, you should have been at Christopher Shannon's showcase where the models strutted down the runway with foam-clad hair - the foam dribbling down the cheeks in an effortless style. I am always a fan of Shannon's print-work and his washing-line editions and ironic lighter prints were rebellious and chic. What also caught my eye was a particularly dashing, oversized sheer shirt. It was so simple but so effective.

Ever the rock 'n' roller, Todd Lynn's live music extravaganza is no exception to his usual rebellious style. Granted the heavy strum of the electric guitar induced a headache but it was it still nonetheless brilliant for a rock lover like myself. Each Village of the Damned model was clad in a box fringe headdress which resembled a Mad Max homage. It seems that sheer material has been a theme for Day One and I simply loved Lynn's white sheer blazer. In fact the blazer lacking an under-shirt proved to be a stylish ensemble thanks to the tailoring.

Dashing designer, Alex Mullins, brought Day One to a close with a collection of spray-paint stripes,graffiti art, and quaintly hip illustrations upon white canvases. Ever the one to enjoy and be surrounded by those who enjoy a novelty fashion statement, I will be surely be seeing Mullins' Spring/Summer 2016 designs around town!

Favourite Collection: Aquascutum
Favourite Presentation: Universal Works
Favourite Ensemble: Topman Design (right)
Favourite Venue: Greek Street Gallery Space (Aquascutum )
Favourite Street Style: David Gandy, Oliver Cheshire, Jim Chapman and Joe Ottaway.

From Left to Right: David Gandy, Oliver Cheshire, Jim Chapman and Joe Ottaway.

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