Fashion | Day Three of the 2016 Spring/Summer London Collections: Men.

Hello lovely readers, it is not only Day Three of the 2016 Spring/Summer London Collections: Men, but also the penultimate day of the LC: M. It is sad just how quickly this term goes; a prime example of the accuracy of  the say "time flies when you're having fun."

Some of my favourite brands and dear friends debuted their collections today so please enjoy my likes, lusts, and loves from Day Three of the LC: M.

Collection of the Year winner, Sebastiaan Pieter, began Day Three with a sensual and subtle collection entitled, New Gen Men, for his brand, PIETER. Ever the eclectic and unconventional designer, Pieter burst onto the scene with a monochrome spectrum aided with mats that are reminiscent of primary gym time. The collection focused on the subtle details with clean tailoring and zips. I was intrigued and rather shocked to find a onsie matched with a duster coat actually looked suitable paired together. Pieter's comfortable collection is for the days where the summer breeze sends chills down the spine. A gentle way to begin Day Three.

Tropical diversity with Tommy Hilfiger.
Every year, I look forward to J.W. Anderson's collection. His current style and artistic interpretation of fashion always manages to grip me. His 2016 Spring/Summer collection was no exception to his signature nostalgia and arty touch. Arrows and circles of red popped on the catwalk  and flared, wearable jeans floated in-tow. What I particularly enjoyed was the metallic accessories. Anderson has proven his talent once again.

Tommy Hilfiger transported us into the tropics with artificial nature and lighting and metallic suits. With multiple showcases, Hilfiger's collection was eye candy on all kinds of levels. Admittedly, I was ever so slightly distracted by the underwear models hiding in the locker room; however, I was bewitched by the suave fashion that Hilfiger has envisioned for his Spring/Summer collection. As an avid lover of suits, Hilfiger's collection was the fragments of my very own dreams. The Flex Travel Suit was a particular favourite! Clear demonstration of the diversity of suits had been displayed there and if this is what I should expect, then sign me up for this tropical resort!

Have a glass of champagne with Chester Barrie.
Every LC: M, surpassing Savile Row tailors, Chester Barrie have produced an extraordinary collection that exceeds their previous and they achieved this once more with their 2016 Spring/Summer collection. Situated in a private room at The Ivy with pianist, Ben Stock, at the piano and champagne flutes ready to be served, Chester Barrie presented a compilation of monochrome and sandy hues upon a variety of matte, polished and sophisticated suits. The brand has worked hard to establish the classic CB Spring/Summer Style and have definitely achieved it, the close attention to detailing evident in the overall stunning tailoring.  I was utterly speechless at the elegance of the complete looks; the timberwolf-toned suit matched with a blue shirt and salmon tie topped off with a checkered pocket square being my favourite. A truly exquisite collection! This has to be Chester Barrie's greatest collection at the LC: M yet!

Following in the thread of Chester Barrie, Duchamp explored the experience of Dining with a Gentlemen. With soft tailoring and a dark palette, Duchamp chose to focus on the bow tie classic and crafted a collection of attractive attire which - in its entirety - was absolutely seductive.

There is one show that everybody frequenting the LC: M anxiously waits for and that is the prestigious Alexander McQueen show. Flocks of viewers were situated from room to room at the beautiful location, The Arches. Excited chatter filled the air until an eerie soundtrack reminiscent of the Twilight Zone silenced them. The models floated from arch to arch, circling the audience like they were prey. There were two primary motifs of the show which were wet hair and floral patterning. The majority of the set consisted of intriguing white canvases and black patterning and vise versa with a cameo of a matte blue inbteween. What I liked from this collection was the rebellious clashing of patterns that oppose fashion status quo. As ever, Alexander McQueen left the audience intoxicated by its peculiar style.
Step into the Twilight Zone with Alexander McQueen.

Let's be real for a second.
Earlier this year, I discovered adventurous brand, Belstaff; a brand for which explores the luxuries of modern life and exploration. To quote my previous comments on the brand; I believe Belstaff are a brand after my own heart. This sentiment remains factual as they once again stunned me with their Indianan Jones/Chris Pratt's StarLord inspired collection. The Desert Explorer both captivated and seduced me with the neutral tones and luscious leather combinations. Positively gorgeous and what a wonderful surprise of Alice Cooper making an appearance!

With 808 State's 'Pacific State' bouncing off the walls, Alfred Dunhill presented his dunhill collection that can only be described as a Dress to Impress affair. The shimmering suits paired with large, tan tote bags were the shining pieces from the collection; displaying the beautiful stitching and heartfelt attention employed. My favourite piece was a particularly fetching gray and beach brown suit that cultivated an assortment of checks, gingham, and polka dots. If Dunhill can do one thing, it's styling.

My time at Day Three of the 2016 Spring/Summer LC: M concluded with a presentation from Gieves & Hawkes. What better way to end the day than sipping a summer coktail at the No.1 Savile Row store? I was transported into the tropics for a second time today with Gieves & Hawkes' collaboration with Orlebar Brown. The contemporary prints fused with a Hawaiian feel made for a carefree collaboration collection; I especially liked the matching map-print ensemble. The stars of the show for me personally was the white ensembles. The shade is such an underrated colour on the spectrum when it is, in actuality, an excellent Spring and Summer accessory. It is fair to say that the superb tailoring on these pure blazers sealed the deal for me. What I also enjoyed was the co-coordinating jackets and shoes. As a avid supporter of fashion co-ordination, I would most definitely like to see red jacket and sandles out about town. 

Favourite Collection: Chester Barrie.
Favourite Presentation: Tommy Hiflinger.
Favourite Ensemble(s): Belstaff (right.)
Favourite Venue: The Arches (Alexander McQueen)
Favourite Street Style: Chester Barrie's Christopher Modoo and Aleksandar Cvetkovic.

Christopher Modoo (front center) and Aleksandar Cvetkovic (front right)
with Chester Barrie models.
That's it for Day Three of the Spring/Summer 2016 LC: M. Until tomorrow, lovely readers.

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