Fashion | Day Two of the 2016 Spring/Summer London Collections: Men.

Hello lovely readers, Day Two of the 2016 Spring/Summer London Collections: Men has arrived! Although the weather is notably less than great in comparison to yesterday's superb sunshine, I am still faithfully here to discuss my likes, lusts, and loves from the day.

Walk in a orderly fashion.
Jermyn Street, St James's.
The haul of menswear brands are battling against one another for the title of Most Creative Showcase. Jermyn Street, St James’s closed off the street and transformed it into an aesthetic runway with large canvases of fashion illustration draped around the audience as well as the stores silhouetting behind them.

Stylist, Darren Kennedy, painted a current assortment of complete looks with fine tailoring. The array of casual and smart suit combinations were excellently crafted - from silk to open shirt to braces, it was simply wonderful. What particularly caught my eye was the a Hawes & Curtis suit. It was a fantastic way to start the day.

In contrast to the bold and extravagant lengths brands have traveled to in the directing of their presentation, renowned creative founder and directer, Graeme Fidler, chose to present Several's 2016 Spring/Summer collection in a soft, quintessential fashion. Fidler stripped down the presentation and focused on his Formula One-inspired designs for which presented a quiet luxury stitched into casual suits. I very much loved the coalescing of casual neutrals and smooth prints and hope to see these looks out on the street soon.

Blue for you.
Hardy Amies.
Hailing from a rural city full of farmers, I was instantly taken and humoured by outwear specialist, Nigel Cabourn's country-like 2016 Spring/Summer collection. His throng of humble and homely clothes sympathized with me and truly reminded me of the joys of living in the countryside. I shall most definitely be recommending the fetching dungaree overall look back home.

Following suit from Jermyn's Street takeover, personal favourite, Hardy Amies, took it five steps further and took over St. Pancras station! My breath was taken away by the transformation of the venue alone but it was obliterated completely when Amies' collection was unveiled. Models exploded onto the catwalk in a variety of leathers, felts and pastel tones. The beautiful detailing on lengthy suit jackets and eye-popping orange suits were just delicious but what really caught my eyes was the striking patterns and colour co-ordinated complete suits and tote bags. Fabulous venue, stunning presentation, and an absolutely flawless collection.

I was almost blinded by the electric colour palette that Coach displayed in their showcase.The psychedelic undertone was ripe and luscious. I've never seen so many patterns pulled into a cluster in a presentation before. You could say it was a technicolour dream! I was especially enthralled by the intense abstract patterning on a the bootcut trousers. Paired with a trench coat and sneakers, you cannot go wrong with this urban summer look.

Blend with me.
Oliver Spencer.
With Alt-Jay's 'Nara,' echoing around the room, the nightmarish models took to the runway to Agi & Sam's 2016 Spring/Summer collection. Agape Mdumulla and Sam Cotton presented their collection of oversized clothing line in usual fashion; taking a dark and comedic interpretation on fashion and sweetly disturbing the audience. The carefree beach colour spectrum that themed the oversized shirts, shorts, and trousers were contrasted by the mutation painted on the models faces that resembled the terrors of nightmares, prison monsters and ghosts. It is fair to say that I will not be able to see Agi & Sam's collection without the reminder of those petrifying and mutated faces.

Burgundy. Oh how I adore that colour. I would fill my entire wardrobe (or wardrobes as is the case) with that very colour. I was to the point of salivating at Oliver Spencer's burgundy numbers; particularly the jackets. (They may be for men but I may just have to purchase one of them for myself!) Spencer's sophisticated collection is ideal for the British summer, blending moss and sea tones and styling them for the everyday worker and casual soirée. A superb Spring/Summer collection!

Dine with me, beautiful.
Thomas Pink.
Known for his traditional tailoring that fully embody British style, Thomas Pink concludes my article on Day Two of the London Collections: Men with a debonair collection. With a glass of gin, the models wore Aztec and Plaid patterned blazers and dress shirts  as well as the simplistic yet divine shorts and bootcut trousers. Of course, the statement piece from this collection comes from the iconic pink coat. The iconic colour was seen dotted around the line from pink monochrome shirts to pink blazers. But my personal favourite ensemble goes to the neutral combination seen left. The fine tailoring, perfectly matched colours, round sunglasses and a cocktail in hand is my vision of the perfect summer evening outfit.

Favourite Collection: Jermyn Street, St James's and Hardy Amies.
Favourite Presentation: Jermyn Street, St James's
Favourite Ensemble(s): Thomas Pink. (Above)
Favourite Venue: St Pancras Station (Hardy Amies)
Favourite Street Style: The identity of the dashing man below is
unknown but his sense of  style definitely isn't!

That's it for Day Two of the Spring/Summer 2016 LC: M. Until tomorrow, lovely readers.

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