My Intimate Poetry: Catalyst.

Truth. Truth will always hurt. Truth will blemish the flesh and what's underneath. You cannot stop it from doing so. It is inevitable. Whether you have experienced or experiencing a situation where you are scared - so scared - to speak out, let me tell you something:

Don't. Do not be scared. Do not be scared to voice what is happening.

The truth will always hurt. You have a choice in all and if you're choice of consent - whatever kind of consent it is - is stripped from you, that is not okay. You yell from the rooftops. You let everybody know. Never be forced into something. If you have been, you have the power to be the catalyst and wreak the rightful retribution they deserve and the closure you deserve.

This is exactly what today's poem is about. This is my closure.

They may shy away from the hand for which I extend to them but in that touch, my experience is felt.
― Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

Every day, you reek of sin; 
A slave to temptation, craving for another’s skin. 
But you know not that retribution is nigh; 
Nor that the catalyst is none other than I.

Be careful what you say, 
You know not to whom I relay. 
Choose wisely with each word 
If you do not want them to be heard.

“Just one more night.” 
You want lust to consume my sight, 
You beg me to taste what isn’t mine, 
But I cannot be your product of adulteress design.

Do you ever take time to think? 
Do what little feeling you have ever sink 
When you taint my skin with each plea? 
When you cloud my mind with what we could be?

There’s the one that lives far and wide, 
Then the other that stands by your side. 
They plague my soul and haunt me still, 
You’ve had your fun now I will have my fill.

Spare me the guilt and look at yourself now; 
An actor upon a stage oblivious that this is his final bow. 
The game is up, I’ve served my time; 
No more lies, confess to your crime.

2015 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

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  1. It's a sad reflection of reality n what unfortunately will always be. It's yet another incredible piece of poetry from your hand n heart n you are a true genius n master of your art. Truly inspiring xx


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