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Hello lovely readers, blogging is more than just typing a few utterances and pressing "publish." There is so much that goes into being blogger and being an established blogger. Recently, weekly Lifestyle Blogger chat account, @LBloggersChat handed their account over to Leigh from Moments Like This to host a discussion on organisation. After having a blast chatting with bloggers, I decided to compose my tips into an article!


Having a blog schedule is essential. It builds a rhythm for both yourself and your readers. Planning post publication to accord with your life outside of blogging is the best way to stay organised and not have conflict between life and blogging. Think about what days and times that you are most readily available to publish and share your article with your readers.

For me, I post articles on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays at either the early hours of the morning or on the cusp of night depending on the routine that day and I can’t tell you how much easier it is. Find yourself a calendar for blogging publications and add them to your digital calendars so you don’t forget!


It’s important to maintain a social media presence to both build a connection with your current readers and gain more readers. The blogger/reader relationship is vital as you all know.

Always have promotional photos and statues/tweets drafted so you can swiftly publish them whenever you have an article coming out. If I’m busy commuting or working, this neat little trick doesn’t steal time from the present and makes sure I’m still with my readers.

When life outside blogging takes over and you’ve been a tad slow on the replying front, plan for a day or a time that you’re able to sit down and take time to respond to every tweet, comment, and blog response.

One of the greatest blogger “hacks” is the Blogger’s Week in Hashtags diagram. It’s seriously beneficial in growing your audience and connecting with new people as well as companies. Just like promotional tweets, save a draft for the hastags you wish to use. I’ve been using this for a month and my audience has spiked a large amount.


The key to organisation in blogging is balance. You need the right amount of balance between your life outside of blogging vs. your blogging life and the right balance between efficiency and spontaneity.

Being prepared and a planning maniac are excellent but remember that you need to always enjoy it. When you start to feel jaded, it’s time to look at your balance. Take me, for example, I’m a perfectionist with a twinge of OCD in me but I’ve discovered that some of my most prosperous articles were ones scribbled down in an impulsive moment.


Sometimes you just need to take a day out of your life and withdraw into the cave of blog brainstorming.

Find yourself a Planning Space where you can get your organising on. I regularly frequent my local Boston Tea Party, a British independent café, every month to do this. BTP is perfect for planning and brainstorming. It’s an intimate establishment and what better than the rich and varied scent of coffee and smoothies to accompany your brainstorming?

Create a playlist dedicated to this very time as there is nothing better than having the rhythm of an upbeat and motivational tune to get your blood pumping your and creativity flowing. My personal recommendations would be bands, DON BROCO and Lower Than Atlantis. (See my playlist on below.)

Stationary is essential in being a blogger in general. Keep a notebook or a tablet with you at all times as inspiration can strike at any times. It also makes organisation easier. I used to scribble little notes on my phone and pray that I remember its presence when I can sit down and reconstruct whatever idea I have written. A blog binder or a subject notebook would be highly helpful to separate the genres in which you blog about.

For equipment, I would send you straight to your nearest Paperchase. They have quality and quirky designs for all and also have a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment so go find your Paperchase store now and treat yourself!


If you’re struggling with organizing yourself, remember that you can reach out to fellow bloggers and be enlightened by their organisation routines. The blogging community is probably one of the healthiest manifestations of the internet so don’t be scared to reach out to any of us because we are all very happy to help – especially me as I’m writing this article!

Also, when life outside blogging is tying your hands, collaborations and guest articles from other bloggers is an excellent way to not only build bridges and tide things over during your busy period. Pre-written articles like this will help you in many ways – from maintaining your presence, acquiring new connections and broadening and gaining your following.

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  1. These are great organisational tips! I upload 3 times a week, I like to make sure that I have a months posts scheduled in advance so they can be uploaded at the same time! This takes a lot of my time and it feels really weird to say that I'm always a month ahead of time in terms of my blog, but it works for me! x

  2. Such great tips
    I'm trying to rejuvenate my blog and I think the hashtags may come in handy

    Thanks for sharing x


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