My Intimate Poetry: Frozen.

Words that do not harbour pain elude me. ― Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

Lips frozen shut,
As each word coldly cut
The love between them as they depart;
How it severed herself from her own heart.

Consequence carried with each notion;
With every expression of rousing emotion.
She could not fix him, as much as she tried;
He wouldn’t listen no matter how hard she cried.

She wanted to succour him, as broken as she was.
She couldn’t stand his pain and wanted it to pause.
But he charred the air in her lungs with defensive spite
Until she admitted defeat in their fight.

They parted in bitter scorn;
Punctured by each sharpened thorn.
Their broken shards refusing to slot into place;
Their jigsaw unfinished and unable to save them from disgrace.

Perhaps there will be a time
When their eyes meet once more but like a rhyme.
Finally fitting each other like they hadn’t before;
Creating a harmony that they will both adore.

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  1. That's beautifully written Tammy! Thank you. #intimate

  2. Never read anything so beautiful and so sincere xx


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