August 07, 2015

My Intimate Poetry: Monopolize.

A sleek slather of parchment waved beneath your nose and you're in love. ― Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

I was the serving girl
Obscured by poverty and shadow.
A spec dotted at the corner of his eye;
Irrelevant in comparison to her.

I was neither fragile nor fair;
Neither acquiescent nor exotic.
My dress unbecoming and my echelon undesirable.
She became his world with a simple stare.

Oh how she beguiled him,
From a single word that enriched her lips.
Oh how she bewitched him,
With her prosperity and its attached stature.

From the shadows, I watched with wonder;
I wondered at the prospect;
If she was me and I was her.
I wondered if my resemblance would seduce him too.

Would his heart clench if I uttered “I love you”?
Would he be engulfed by my sincerity?
Would he cast her aside and clasp my hand in his
If I surrendered to his every whim?

He was not consumed by her love but by her spell;
Her affluence blinding him from true feeling.
Though he cries sincerity of the greatest degree,
He was yet to know me and the story he and I would tell.


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  1. Your words just captivate, engulf n draw me in. Meaningful, thoughtful, heartfelt. Beautiful poetry. Looking forward to see and read how it plays out. Have genuine and genial talent and so very intelligent xxx


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