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Hello lovely readers, blogging on-the-go and whilst holidaying is a no doubt utopia compared to the eternal downpour that is the UK can be a difficult task but today, I would like to share with you the very equipment that makes blogging so easy for me when I'm away from my Hobbit Hole; my Blog Travel Kit.


Having a device for blogging on-the-go or whilst on vacation is crucial for a travel kit. Smartphones are excellent for social media coverage but when it comes down to composing blog articles, a larger product is more suitable and beneficial for your hands and wrists.

There’s no need to lug around a typical A4 size laptop or a weighty tablet though. After suffering disadvantages of my fibromyalgia from travelling with my big laptop for studying, I was introduced to the ASUS Transformer Book.

The ASUS Transformer Book is a petite touchscreen laptop with a detachable keyboard which transforms the laptop into a tablet that was designed flawlessly for the travelling blogger and student. It is slim, slick and practically weightless and compact enough to fit in your handbag. The speed and efficiency is quintessential with a sufficient amount of storage as well as all the programs you would expect on a normal laptop. It also has an excellent camera and sound system so if you want to take a “selfie” or take a video, it’s a done deal.

I’ve had my Transformer Book for almost seven months and it has yet to have any sort of technical malfunction. My shoulders are no longer in agony and I can whip out the laptop whenever I wish. Blogging when I’m on-the-go or on vacation has been made so much easier with this – especially with its ability to pick any available wi-fi.

At £199.95, this is a proficient and outstanding product.

Buy: ASUS Transformer Book 


Echoing my comments in Blogger Guide | 5 Organised Blogger Tips, inspiration can strike at any time. I can’t always clutch my Transformer Book and hastily type an idea or a blog event down and that’s why I have Galison Vintage’s “Think, Write, Create” Pocket Planner &Notebook.

This quirky book is a day-by-day planner and contact book with note sections in between. Despite being so organised, my memory is terrible to say the least, so having this petite pad with me at all times have been somewhat of a lifesaver in my life as a blogger.

Having been approached whilst out and about regarding collaborations, being able to jot down a date and time for the feature is brilliant. The pocket planner has also been evidently helpful when I’ve been on holiday; reminding me of when to publish pre-written articles designed to keep my readers company. What’s more, sometimes it’s just wonderful to revert back to the “old method” and physically write my musings down for articles.

Buy: “Think, Write, Create” Pocket Planner and Notebook 


In this day in age, it’s a rarity not to see someone cradling or within reaching distance of a smartphone. The importance to remain connected with readers is vital for a blogger and – aside from the personal and obvious reasons of owning a phone – so, owning a smartphone  is a must.

When acquiring a phone for blogging purposes, I followed these guide lines:

The Holder Mobility – Think about what suits you best in effectively being quick to write a status, tweet, share an article or respond to people. The majority of people choose touchscreen keyboards as they find it easier to type. Due to my fibromyalgia, I required a keyboard and henceforth found myself as a Blackberry owner (however, I will soon be moving to the iPhone world if my hands continue to improve with typing and writing.)

The Accessibility – You need to consider handsets that have all the downloaded or downloadable apps of the social media platforms you use. Social media being such an important element to blogging, we all want to be the boss of social media. Being able to share on the platforms with ease is a key aspect to think about when you're looking at phones.

The Camera – Sometimes you can only have enough time to capture a moment with your phone so take into consideration about the camera’s pixel and quality factors. For most bloggers, including myself, imagery is a necessity in blogging. You want your readers to not only read about your adventures but make them feel like they were sat beside you for the ride which requires impulsive snaps published.


Of course, to have a travel kit, you need a bag to carry it in. As a woman with a slight twinge of perfectionism and OCD combined, I have two Blog Travel Kits Bags.

The New Look tote bag is my social and casual travel kit bag. I often use this bag when I'm meeting people or lounging somewhere because it is sleek, stylish and discreet about it's contents.

My Ollie & Nic satchel bag, on the other hand, is a business and student style bag for which I use whenever I'm having a planning day, collaborating with a fellow blogger or brand, or off to immerse myself in my studies.


New Look | Tote Bag

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  1. Really enjoyed this post Tammy! I don't ever travel light, tablets, laptop, smart phone and a DSLR are pretty heavy. Not to mention notebooks and diary's! I love that notebook though, its so quirky! You have definitely inspired me to downsize my kit x

    1. Thank you, Nicole! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I've never been one to travel light either but due to the repercussions, I've had to downsize and ultimately, more than one thing has benefited from it! x


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