The Call of Wolf ― A Twisted Tale.

We all enjoy a dark twist upon an exultant fairy-tale. In fact, most family films are based on horrifying tales that lurk within the shadow of its successor. Take Hans Christian Andersen's, The Little Mermaid, for example; the protagonist has her tongue cut out and her fins removed for legs in an effort to be wed with the human prince. However, unfortunately for the mermaid, her newly formed legs cause her constant distress and the tale concludes with her foamy demise when the princes married another woman.

Today, I decided to channel my inner Angela Carter (for those who do not know, she is a renowned writer famous for her clever twist on fairy-tales. Check out her anthology, The Bloody Chamber, for some of her best transformation work) and compose my own twisted tale based on the classic story; The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

The shivering sheep cowered in the shadow of the wolf. The crimson remains of their escapee sibling dribbled from the wolf’s lips.
“Only the void waits for those who don’t follow the cry of “wolf.””
And then, in a guise of a polished claw and eyes as dark as night, came the shepherds boy. With tendrils of lightening and snaps of fang, the townsfolk fell, victims of their own ignorance. Thrice had the boy called; thrice warning them. And it was with this final, fateful cry that their fate was sealed. Gazing over blood and dirt and bone, the deed was done.

2015 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

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  1. Wow! You addressed that one very well Tammy. Love you style of writing xx

  2. Tip my hat in awe and appreciation for your writing,knowledge n passion for what you do. Inspirational xx


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