Winter Wonder with Miss Selfridge.

If there is one thing about the timeless and epitome little black dress, it is its versatility. The monochrome spectrum suits every occasion and, equally, every season with graceful sophistication. In various shapes and forms, the LBD has found its way into every collection – from Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter – and sustained its everlasting title of charm.

The LBD is always favoured by the fashion industry for its chic appearance and for its ability to be showcased in multiple ways such as formal and informal depending on the occasion. Picking the right LBD is essential; whatever the occasion.

I am forever searching for clothing that has the perfect balance of ceremonial and relaxed in an attempt to construct a wardrobe in which I can wear day and night. When I stumbled across Miss Selfridge’s bodycon Waffle Bra Dress, numerous occasions came into mind for what I could wear it for like weddings, work events, and a cheeky date or two.

As well as it works for a summer soiree, there’s nothing like dining with an open fire whilst clasping a glass of wine on a winter evening in a dress such as this.  As I said previously in Sultry Summer with Miss Selfridge, this little black dress has an exemplary balance between seductive and shy.
It lends itself well to the cooler months of the year, especially for fellow brunettes or darker hair tones. In the winter light, the dress highlights my features and is complimentary of my figure.

I thought the dress would leave me positively freezing (even as a perpetually cold temperature person) but the Miss Selfridge dress is stitched from a very thick weave which traps the heat and radiates it on the body which, ultimately, kept me very warm when I dared to go out in the typically cold British weather. 

With wearing this LBD in winter, it’s crucial to make a cosmetic statement. Less is more in the case of Miss Selfridge’s LD.

As a lipstick lover, I found that Chanel’s Rouge Allure Intense Luminous Lipstick provided a deep, rich and radiant statement the proved to be a perfect company for the dress.

When winter arrives, I tend to wear a lighter shade of foundation lest I look slightly reminiscent of an Oompa Loompa. To do this, I used Benefit Cosmetics’ Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! Foundation. With a glowing and healthy finish, the foundation offer a subtle and soft completion. 

Having been a loyal customer and collaborator with Benefit Cosmetics for the prior three years, their brow products are part of my daily cosmetic routine. Whether my brows are freshly waxed or as feral as a wild animal, Benefit’s Brow Zings is a sure way to maintain defined brows. Let’s face it, if you care about your brows, you always want them to be somewhat defined!

To complete the look, I used Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara to raise, lift, and separate the lashes into distinct masterpieces and the BADgal eyeliner for a dark and sensual finish.

And, of course, to complete Miss Selfridge's Little Black Edition, I paired Miss Selfridge’s Faux Snake Court Shoes with dazzling metallic heels with the dress.

It was a pleasure to share my thoughts on the Miss Selfridge Little Black Dress Edition and having the chance to model it also. If you haven't realized already, this dress is simply beautiful and you need to buy it before you lose the chance to!


© Sam Ford Photography

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  1. You look so pretty in all of these pictures x

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  3. You look so beautiful in all these pictures! And you can never go wrong with a good old LBD, they really are so versatile if you pick the right one! This one is gorgeous! :)

    Heather Xx


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