Guest Post | Abigail Alice's Top 5 Skincare Products.

Hello everyone! My name is Abigail Alice and I'm guest posting on behalf of the lovely Tammy today. I'm going to be talking about 5 of my favourite skincare products that I use frequently and that I am constantly repurchasing or will purchase once I get through them!

Clarisonic's are now world famous and have inspired a lot of spin off copycat machines. The Clarisonic works by vibrating its bristles at a normal or faster speed in order to clean your skin more thoroughly. As someone who wears make up fairly often and sometimes does a heavy full face for nights out the Clarisonic is really, really useful for ensuring that everything has come off my skin. Since I also have oily skin that's prone to breakouts I can't afford to go to bed without clear and clean skin. What I do is wet my skin with lukewarm water, use a cleanser and later it all up on my face then I wet the Clarisonic (it's completely waterproof - I often take it into the shower) turn it on and then work it all round my face. It has a timer that can be set to one or two minutes and beeps after 10/20 second intervals so you know when to move onto the next area of skin. It has made my skin feel amazingly soft and clean.

I often overlook my hands in terms of keeping them moisturised and just generally treating them with care. I often use body butter but feel like I don't give my hands enough TLC. I saw this hand cream in Marks & Spencer's and after sampling it I knew I had to invest in it. It is without a doubt the most nourishing cream I have ever used. I wish there was one for my whole body because my skin would feel baby soft. Because it is so nourishing a little goes a long way so this little 57g jar is going to last me a long time! The smell of almonds is lovely too and not overpowering. I'm also a really big fan of the packaging I think the little jar is so cute and I love seeing it in my handbag. If you're into hand creams and even if you're not I'd highly recommend it. 

This is a travel size version of one of the best selling moisturisers in the whole world. My auntie gave it to me because she has really sensitive skin and can only use Dermalogica. Lucky me! I got to trail it for free. Recently my skin has been experiencing some dryness, my skin is the type that really reacts to the environment and after two weeks in Mexico my skin began to get dryer and dryer. Luckily I packed this little bottle with me and it lasted the whole two weeks and I still have some left. The moisturiser is really nourishing and gives my thirsty skin the hydration it really needs. I can definitely see myself repurchasing the full size version once this runs out.

This Soap and Glory mask heats up once applied and really does clean your skin well. After use my skin feels really soft and like absolutely everything has been cleaned off. This in combination with the Clarisonic is amazing and definitely a routine I do when I feel my skin needs a little TLC. I use this by cleansing my skin first and then rubbing in the mask until it heats up and turns blue. I then leave it on for around 15-20 minutes then grab my wet Clarisonic to clean the mask off. I would highly recommend this mask. I did look at some reviews and noticed that people with very large pores complained of the mask getting stuck in the pores so be careful if that matches your skin type.

I love Nip and Fab skincare ever since it came on my radar about 6/8 months ago. There are so man other products from them I could recommend (another would be the Dragon's Blood Serum). The Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix hydrates and also tightens my skin. Of course, I don't have a wrinkle 'problem', maybe some frown lines from my brother stressing me out but nothing serious. I feel like this would would so well for late teens and early twenties - those people that don't have wrinkles yet but are doing everything to prevent them from coming anyway. If it didn't do anything wrinkle wise for my skin I'd still be using this as a moisturiser.

That's it from me! I hope that you enjoyed seeing some of my skincare favourites. 
What would you recommend for me who has oily skin? 




  1. Great post! I have always wanted a clarisonic, this has definitely inspired me to think about getting one x

  2. I also use Clinique! Great ideas! :)


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